10 Best bricks of 2019

  • Capture the look and feel of real brick!
  • It Is a roll which is around 5 inch width, 100ft Length.Can...
  • Application: Used for holes cracks, pipes enter siding and...
  • Environmentally:Never rust and will not leave rust stains on...
  • Lightweight Thin Brick Veneer
  • Vintage Texture and Contemporary Colors
  • Quick and Easy/Do-It-Yourself Installation
  • Lightweight Thin Brick Veneer
  • Vintage Texture and Contemporary Colors
  • Quick and Easy/Do-It-Yourself Installation
  • Genuine kiln fired clay brick veneer
  • Quick and easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Box contains 50 thin brick flats, covers 7.3 sq. ft.
  • Carefully stacked 1:6 scale red bricks on a pine wood pallet
  • Includes 24 Bricks
  • 1:6 Scale Bricks
  • Lightweight Thin Brick Veneer
  • Vintage Texture and Contemporary Colors
  • Quick and Easy/Do-It-Yourself Installation
  • Old Mill Brick, Inc.
  • Capture the look and feel of real brick!
  • Perfect for Exterior and Interior Applications
  • Simple Brick Installation, perfect lines every time
  • R-7 Insulation Value

Bricks adviser


A house built with bricks has proven itself in the more than one hundred years of history. A masonry of bricks proves to be the best in areas where heavy rain often determines the climate.
Such walls and walls are built by means of a two-shell exterior wall with brick-faced brickwork
The two independent shells can have different formats of stones, thereby making the largest possible design of the outer shell possible.
The self-supporting facing brickwork is through anchormade of stainless steel connected to the supporting inner side. In order to meet the stringent requirements of thermal insulation suitable insulating materials are introduced into the existing hollow layer.

Benefits walls made of bricks

1. Save energy

Such a clam-shell wall is ideal for noticeably reducing the consumption of energy. This is possible because the

Air layer between facing brick and brickwork can be used for optimum thermal insulation. With good

Insulating material can save up to 70 percent in heating costs.

2. No alteration of facades

Since the masonry itself seals in the rain and forms a film of water on the surface, the largest

Amount of rain to be derived. Penetrated moisture gets to the surface by means of capillary action

transported and then released to the outside air. Thus, the stone remains dry by natural breathing.

3. Moisture is held by a brick facade. This leaves behind walls and living areas

always dry. Even with driving rain, the façade remains dry for the most part. Located in the front wall

Ventilation joints and an air layer between the front wall and the rear wall ensure optimum ventilation

circulation. This allows a quick dehumidification.

4. Also in terms of sound insulation, a brick wall is clearly in the advantage. Two-shelled with bricks,

means to have a very good protection against noise. Incoming sound waves sound in the existing cavity

mostly from. Sound insulation on buildings is very important when it comes to the health of the residents.

Thanks to the multi-layer structure, there is a positive effect in terms of noise protection. This one has an effect like

a mass-spring vibration system. Massive and differently strong shells break incoming sound waves and

This prevents noise. A house built of bricks contributes to a calmer existence.

Other advantages

There are many more benefits that a brick building can have. Among other things, own bricks They have an unlimited lifespan, they are permanently colourfast, they enable an individual design of the façade, they are durable in value and maintenance-free, they have a high resale value, have an optimal solar absorption, offer excellent sound and heat protection, are economically and ecologically harmless.
As far as fire protection is concerned, you can use it safely, as it is flame retardant. Not to forget bricks convey a feeling of warmth and cosiness.


Here is just to mention that the purchase price is not particularly low. But in the longer term, it will pay off bricks definitely. In summary it can be said, bricks are timeless and offer a very good price and performance ratio.
Also optically the ideal building block, bricks allow an interesting and varied design of a house facade. There are no limits to the imagination here!

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