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  • Reinforced with 5 rows of polytwine stitching
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  • Made with the highest quality 100% natural broom corn
  • Handcrafted for long-lasting durability
  • Reinforced with 5 rows of polytwine stitching
  • Kitchen
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  • Kitchen
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Broom guide

Everyone knows him, the broom and almost everyone has one in their household, such as sweeping in the rooms, in front of the house or on the street. Depending on the application sees the broom something different. This old sweeper can look back on a long history. Beautiful the Romans knew the broom , In the Middle Ages, the witches swept with the broom to the sabbath.

Museums: Schloss Mochental, Museum Besenwelten, Bürstenbindermuseum

North of Ehingen on the Danube shows the broom museum of Schloss Mochental broom Rarities and ordinary sweets from around the world. The Bedouins used the Datepalm rib as a broom in their tents. Another rarity is the elephant tail broom with a silver fitting. The Museum Besenwelten is in private hands and is located in the city of Günzburg. Visitors can marvel at about 300 brooms from more than 60 countries on about 100 square meters. The third museum dealing with this topic is the Bürstenbindermuseum Ramberg. It is located in the Rhineland-Palatinate community Ramberg at Annweiler. It documents the history of brushing craft in a former broom factory.

Broom types: big and small brooms or sweepers, dustpan
The large broom includes a long broomstick, a crossbar and bristles of animal hair, plant fibers / plastic. With such a broom you can free any room or the terrace from filth. The life of a broom depends on the quality of the material. Natural material is durable and hard-wearing. It regenerates by itself. Plastic will become brittle over time and must be replaced. To a small broom (hand broom, Hand Brush, Kehrwisch) includes a short handle which is attached directly in the longitudinal direction of the bolt or passes into this. The small broom includes a dustpan to pick up the dirt.

Scrubbers and Co also belong to the broom types
A special variant of the large broom is the broom. The lower end of the broomstick is threaded. This is screwed into the shaft of the broom bolt. The broom has the advantage that both parts can be replaced when worn. On such a handle with screw thread other cleaning equipment can be attached, such as scrubber pulleretc. Scrubbers have been and are being used to wet-clean a floor. This is not possible with a broom. While there are many modern wet wipers today, a scrubber simply belongs in every household. It takes up little space and with a rag every floor can be cleaned. The rag comes in the Washing machineand can often be used before it is replaced.

Rutenbesen or Reisigbesen- Riedelbesen for the yard
The Rutenbesen or Reisigesbesen, sometimes also called Riedelbesen, is a simpler broom form, which was made in former times often by a broom binder and was quite common and is. This variant is suitable for sweeping the yard or on the street. The rod best has only one stalk and long sweepers. He is easy to handle, but is impractical in the house. The most commonly used plants for scabies or brooms are hanging birch or, depending on the region, broom, heather and red honeysuckle. In neighboring Austria, the willow is widely spread with dark, thin bark. The Austrians call him Reisigbesen.

Material of the stems: wood, metal or plastic bristles from plants

The broomstick is made of wood, metal or plastic. The grip zone is sometimes provided with a plastic coating. The bristles are made of vegetable, animal or synthetic fibers. Depending on the application also made of metal.
From Horsehair are usually brooms for sweeping made on smooth floors or so-called parlor hand brush. Thanks to the fat content in the horsehair can sweep the floor without much dust. Brooms made of wood with natural bristles are not electrostatic as opposed to plastic brooms.
Coconut and Arenga bristles are used in universally applicable brooms or sweepers. They are suitable for smooth and rough floors. The bristles are stiffer and insensitive to moisture compared to horsehair. They are self-sufficient broom,

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