10 Best casserole of 2019

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Sauté pan guide

Outwardly, there is one casserole by an outwardly arched, high edge. The casserole is suitable for roasting and stewing meat, fish and of course vegetables. The French or cooking technical term is sauteuse,

A casserole allows a crisp and fast searing of Schmorgutes. Subsequently, the cooking is done in a boiling liquid, which increases the taste. Meat that in one casserole will be juicy, as only a small amount of gravy is lost. Particularly suitable is a casserole for pieces of meat that have a long fiber content. By simply frying in a normal frying pansuch pieces of meat would become extremely tough. During the stewing of the meat, bacon, mushrooms and vegetables can be added to the escaping liquid. These additions make the sauce content and tasteful. Due to the conical shape of the frying pan, it is also excellent for the production, reduction or serving of sauces. With the Wooden spoonand whiskAny angle will be easily reached.

Even if a casserole is quite large, turning from Schmorgut now and again quite difficult. A little skill is already needed. Vegetables, on the other hand, are not a problem. Vegetables can easily be stewed in large quantities and turned around without a problem. It is also positive that because of the higher edge nothing simply out of the pancan fall out.

Often, a lid is included with frying pans and comes in a variety of materials. With a braised pan, the fried food can be seared vigorously and then further braised at any desired temperature. Often, frying pans also have a removable handle, bringing a lot of space on the stoveand also in the ovencan be saved. Of course, a braised pan can also be used like a normal frying pan.

The right stewpan for personal requirements

Buying the right frying pan depends mainly on personal preferences. They are available with ceramic coating, stainless steel and cast iron. A particularly elegant variant are casserolen made of copper. A frying pan equipped with a non-stick coating will delight those looking for a healthy diet. It is suitable for healthy and low-fat roast.

Who has a rather hectic everyday life, will value a slight cleaning of the pan. In this case, a pan with ceramic coating is recommended. Her radiant white is often a purchase argument. However, attention should be paid to the use of suitable roasting utensils, otherwise the pans will quickly damage the coating. Stainless steel cutlery should not be used if possible.
For copper pans, this problem does not exist. These are made of about 2 mm of copper and have an inner coating of tin. The tin surface is extremely robust, food-resistant and acid-proof. In contrast to other stewpans here the handles are not removable, but firmly riveted to the pan.

If the choice fell on a cast-iron stew, you have a pan, which takes some time to get up to operating temperature, but then shines with a very high thermal conductivity. In addition, the fried food, due to the thick pan walls, remains warm for a long time. If the cast iron casserole has a flat ground, it can also be used on one induction cookernothing in the way. If the decision has been made in favor of a cast-iron stew, its longevity will surely convince. As a disadvantage, however, could prove that such a pan is quite difficult.

A brazier made of stainless steel is probably the unrestricted favorite among braised pans. Most of these have, because stainless steel is a miserable heat conductor, over an aluminum core, which compensates for this deficiency quite well. Another disadvantage is that the handling may be somewhat more difficult. If the pan is not operated properly, the food can stick extremely fast. A stainless steel pan is also suitable for use on an induction cooker.


Each of the pans discussed here has its advantages and disadvantages. It can not be said in general, which of these pans is the best. Which type of brazier finds its way onto the domestic stove will certainly be a matter of preference and of price. However, one can be sure that even in the lower price ranges can find a good quality casserole.

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