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    • SALES EVENT: 1) August Sales - "American Modernism" Chopsticks (both normal and long version) - OUR LOWEST PRICES EVER! 2) Save 25% on 2-Pairs Chopsticks when you purchase 1 or more 5-Pairs Chopsticks (See special offers below). 3) Save 10% above the already lowered price on the Stainless Steel variation (See special offers below). 4) MAD SUMMER SALE - Floating Flowers for its lowest price ever!
    • ✔ 2nd-GEN FIBERGLASS MATERIAL - Your SAFETY is our priority! The ONLY product in the market that is certified to comply with the most regorous food-contact standards over the world, including FDA (US), California, UK, EU, Japan, Canada, Australia. NO coating or paint. NO BPA. Safe for kids. Trusted by millions of users. We are the best seller for a reason!
    • ✔ 2-5 YRS of LIFESPAN & DISHWASHER-SAFE - Far more durable than wood and bamboo. Resist up to 356°F (180°C) high temperature. Won't melt, bend or crack with daily use and machine washing. Appear like new after years of use! NOTE: slender chopsticks may slip down through the utensil holder in dishwasher and hit the spray arms which could cause damages. Please consider purchasing a "dishwasher basket" if you have doubts on your dishwasher washing chopsticks.
    • ✔ EXCEPTIONALLY EASY TO USE - Lighter weight and less slippery than metal. Square body -- won't roll on table. Perfectly balanced -- easy to handle. Grippy tip -- pick up food firmly. Very friendly to beginners! Loved by all chopstick users -- see happy reviews below!
    • ✔ 2-YEARS OF WARRANTY - Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Replacement will be offered even after Amazon's 30-days return window. Note: Please return through Amazon if within the 30-days window. You may find the "return" button in your order details page.
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    • Hiware
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    • JapanBargain
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    • Customers Can Keep Defective or Broken Items as Free Gift without Return: We offer not only 12-month worry-free warranty, but that any customer who buys from us will get full refund or free replacement if any quality issue identified by just directly contacting us. Meantime, buyers are also allowed to keep broken or defective item as a free gift instead of return.
    • Food-contact Material for Safe Use: All our chopsticks come with original quality, with which both the material and craftsmanship comply with food-contact standards. No coating or paint is applied on the surface and also NO BPA. They will never go mouldy and breed any germs like bamboo or wood chopsticks after long-time use or being soaked by water overnight. They will not generate any splinter, will not bend or crack.
    • Pretty Box Package Fit for Gift: Our chopsticks come with pretty and strong box package, which make them fit as a nice gift in occasions such as wedding, housewarming, business contact, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day or Christmas.
    • More than 2 Years of Lifespan: Our fiberglass chopsticks can stand up to 356°F (180°C) high temperature, so you can put them into the boiled water or disinfection cabinet for sterilization. They will never breed germs, go mouldy, crack or generate splinters like bamboo or wood ones. They need no any special care but can last more than 2 years!
    • Dishwasher Safe Tip: "Dishwasher basket" is recommended when you use dishwasher in case that slender chopsticks may slip down through the utensil holder in dishwasher and hit the spray arms which could cause damages.
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    • This chopsticks set includes 5 pairs metal spiral chopsticks and 5 pairs bamboo chopsticks. Are you having a hard time trying to make a decision of whether you should go for wooden chopsticks or metallic ones? Then tarry no more and go for this set of chopsticks that consists of five pairs of high-grade stainless steel chopsticks and five pairs of bamboo chopsticks. And they are all reusable!
    • The stainless steel chopsticks are made from steel that is of high-grade quality and that has been polished and brushed to perfection. The top and the bottom parts of the steel chopsticks have anti-slippery designs so that they can be comfortably used even by beginners.
    • The bamboo chopsticks are also polished and are smooth to touch. They are also interesting because of the design which has Chinese characters and floral art at the top part. To avoid slipping, the top part of the wooden ones also have slight indentations at the top that gives your fingers a good grip and control over the chopsticks. They are also completely safe to be used for eating as they contain no BPA, PVC or phthalates.
    • Very handy when you have sushi, noodles or any type of Asian cuisine. For beginners they are easy to grip.
    • Dishwasher Safe and Satisfaction Guarantee
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    • [GREAT FOR GRABBING FOOD] - Omia Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Chopsticks have circular grooves at the bottom. This non-slip design helps you pick up food more efficiently. The grooves design on top prevent slipping when holding them. These durable chop stick utensil sets are perfect for beginners.
    • [PREMIUM QUALITY] - The metal chopsticks set is made from premium 304 stainless steel with a fine polished finish to prevent rusting and overheating. They are very durable and easy to hold.
    • [DISHWASHER SAFE STAINLESS STEEL CHOPSTICKS] - These reusable metal chopsticks (22.5cm/8.8 inches long) are dishwasher friendly and fit nicely into most dishwasher silverware baskets. It is also convenient to wash them with a soap and sponge in the sink.
    • [PERFECT FOR ASIAN CUISINE] - Whether you are eating noodles, rice, sushi, bento box, Korean BBQ, having an Asian style dinner party, these utensils provide a more authentic experience and are a great way to improve dexterity and hand eye coordination. Great for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese Food. Suitable for parties, hotels, restaurants and home. It's a great gift for special occasions.
    • [SATISFACTION GUARANTEED] - We stand behind the high quality of our products. If there are any issues with our products, we will replace or refund without any hassle.
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    • SIZE - Length: 42cm/16.53 inches, weight: 95g, Material - Swartizia spp. Wood.
    • DESIGN - Selecting the natural timber for processing, every detail of it was meticulously polished. The chopsticks are mellow, full and smooth, burr-free and gentle to hands. Anti-bacteria, wax-free and oil-free, easy to clean and mildew-resistant. The chopsticks ensure the health of body.
    • Safety - In some cooking links, the chopsticks are good tools. Ordinary chopsticks are so short that the hands might be scalded by boiled oil when we fry the food or produced high-temperature steam when we steam the food. So you need a longer pair of chopsticks for cooking. Please try our Donxote Extended Chopsticks for you. It is able to fry, deep-fry, pick-up and instead-boil at ease. With the Donxote Extended, you will never be worried about burned hands.
    • MAINTENANCE - Wooden chopsticks should not be exposed to the sun. They should neither be sterilized at high temperature, nor soaked in water for a long time. After cleaning, they should be dried with a dry cloth.
    • SERVICE - Our Full money back guarantee! at Donxote we stand behind our products 100% enabling you to make a 100% foolproof purchase.
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  • Hiware
  • SALES EVENT: 1) August Sales - "American Modernism"...
  • ✔ 2nd-GEN FIBERGLASS MATERIAL - Your SAFETY is our...
  • ✔ 2-5 YRS of LIFESPAN & DISHWASHER-SAFE - Far more durable...
  • Customers Can Keep Defective or Broken Items as Free Gift...
  • Food-contact Material for Safe Use: All our chopsticks come...
  • Pretty Box Package Fit for Gift: Our chopsticks come with...
  • This chopsticks set includes 5 pairs metal spiral chopsticks...
  • The stainless steel chopsticks are made from steel that is...
  • The bamboo chopsticks are also polished and are smooth to...
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  • [GREAT FOR GRABBING FOOD] - Omia Reusable Stainless Steel...
  • [PREMIUM QUALITY] - The metal chopsticks set is made from...
  • SIZE - Length: 42cm/16.53 inches, weight: 95g, Material -...
  • DESIGN - Selecting the natural timber for processing, every...
  • Safety - In some cooking links, the chopsticks are good...

Chopsticks Guide

With us you take chopsticks as part of Asian culture. However, these are not used at all in Asia, but only in the East Asian part. Because in many regions of Asia you only use a spoon as an eating utensil. You also eat with your fingers. chopsticks are used only in Japan, China, Vietnam and Korea. There they have been part of the food culture for millennia.

The history of chopsticks
It is believed that in China from 5,000 BC, the first chopsticks were used for cooking. Originally, the meal was made from deep cooking pots with long wooden sticks. In order to consume as little energy as possible during the cooking process, the food was cut into smaller pieces to make it faster. For this food, which you prepared so, you no longer needed a knife at the table because the meal was already cut to size. The chopsticks were the optimal, civilized cutleryfor Chinese dishes. So, apart from the spoon, they are the oldest cutlery in humanity. However, the first chopsticks looked different from the chopsticks you eat today. At that time, they were made of a piece of bamboo, which was finally kinked. Only later did you use two single chopsticks. From China, the chopsticks came to Korea and Japan as well, which was probably done by Buddhist missionaries in the 7th century BC. Only in modern times did chopsticks find their way into the kitchens of other countries.

The right finger technology
Chopsticks are ideal for enjoying an Asian meal. With this cutlery you will appreciate the delicacies from the Far East. However, this requires a bit of finger skills. Eating with these chopsticks not only makes you happy, but also contributes to the understanding of Far Eastern food culture. Already in recent years, samurai have developed techniques to perfect their cognitive abilities because of certain points on their respective hands. For this one had to lay the fingers on certain points on certain points. Of course, to eat with chopsticks you do not have to twist your fingers in a complicated way. However, you have to practice a bit to eat your meal with chopsticks. For left-handed and right-handed people, the technology works equally well. In the initial position, the first chopstick is taken and placed between the arched ring finger and the thumb root of the corresponding hand. The stick should not be too loose. It must instead be firmly in the respective hand. Then you can take the next chopstick. Place it at about a 20 degree angle next to the first one. This is clamped between middle and index finger. The two sticks are held by the thumb. Now it is possible, with a slight movement, to disassemble or merge the chopsticks, pinching the treats, and bringing them to the mouth. Some even suggest that you can catch flies from the air, but you should refrain from doing so for the sake of the animals. For children, chopsticks with a learning aid are suitable at the beginning. This help keeps the chopsticks together at the end. It thus prevents slipping of this thin cutlery.

As a rule, the sticks are made of wood. In China, Japan and many other Asian countries, the Far Eastern cutlery is mainly made from bamboo wood. Bamboo sticks can be made cheaply. The wood has just grown and stable. The simple wooden sticks should be disposed of for hygienic reasons and not be used again. It is also possible to buy chopsticks made of materials such as Cromargan, stainless steel and plastic. Because these inexpensive eating utensils can be cleaned after a feast without effort and later used again.

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