10 Best coffee grinder of 2019

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  • Baratza
  • Kitchen
  • Dial in your preferred grind size - built-in adjustable...
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  • Mr. Coffee
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Coffee grinder guidebook

Coffee is still one of the most popular drinks of the Germans. For the coffee to be delicious, the beans must have the correct grind. Because only with the optimum degree of grinding the foundations are created, which are necessary for a perfect coffee enjoyment.

history of coffee grinder
People have been drinking coffee for several thousand years. Originally the coffee beansfrom the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, from where they arrived in Europe via the Near East. Almost as old is the history of the coffee grinders, of which there were already first executions 3,500 BC. The ancients crushed the beans with long logs or simple mortars in stone or clay jugs. Over the millennia, the coffee grinders have continued to develop, captivating not only their functionality but also their attractive design and flexibility.

Various grinding degrees adjustable
In a high quality coffee grinder Different degrees of grinding can be set, which are selected depending on the later use. If the grinding grade is selected incorrectly, the coffee may later taste watery or bitter. Basically, the rule of thumb is that the shorter the contact time of the coffee with the hot water should be the finer the grind should be. During the contact time, the hot water releases the aromas and flavors from the coffee. An espresso, for example, has a relatively short contact time of about 20 seconds, and the coffee powder should be ground accordingly. Filter coffee has a contact time of several minutes, a slightly longer contact time, the powder should therefore be coarsely ground to ensure the best taste experience.

Modern design or nostalgia?
It is a matter of taste, whether one is a modern one coffee grinder preferred with a noble design or decides on a nostalgic variant. Decisive in the first place should be the functionality and the flexibility of the coffee grinder be. While modern models are usually operated electrically, „antiquated“ versions are often satisfied with a mechanical grinding. An electric coffee grinder Although it can be operated very comfortably, it consumes electricity in contrast to the mechanical coffee grinder, which is operated with pure muscle power. It is important that a sufficiently large number of grinding degrees can be set or the grinder is even infinitely variable.

Further purchase arguments
Since a coffee grinder is not always needed, it should be space-saving and handy, so that it can be easily stowed if necessary. Also important is the size of the grinding container, which is noticeable especially in smaller versions and large coffee companies. In addition to easy operation, the coffee grinder should also be easy to clean and quiet during operation. The Rommelsbacher EKM 200, the Cloer 7580 and the Zassenhaus Quito are models that appeal well to coffee connoisseurs, for example.

Integrated coffee grinders
As a general manager of a small business, it can be beneficial to have one fully automatic coffee makerfor his staff. These often have integrated coffee grinders that grind the roasted beans depending on the desired beverage. The care of such machines is manageable, as they often have extensive self-cleaning programs. Such fully automatic machines can be operated at the touch of a button, which saves time and eliminates the need to clean up in the afternoon.

As a passionate coffee drinker you should sooner or later buy a coffee grinder. Freshly ground coffee loses some of its aroma after a short time, which can not be prevented by suitable storage. It is all the more important that the freshly ground beans are always used up immediately.

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