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  • Uses Electric enter HD type hubs
  • For overhead or underground feed applications
  • Check with local utility for approval before installing
  • Assembly of 1 customer-supplied combination game table
  • Moving product to another location is not included
  • Typical assembly time of 3 hours
  • German, English, French
  • Wellwater Conspiracy, The Scroll and Its Combinations
  • TVT Records
  • Audio CD
  • Homeline 200 Amp 20-Space 40-Circuit Ring-Type Surface Mount...
  • Accommodates plug-on secondary surge arrestor and features a...
  • Use type HOM circuit breakers, Rated 120/240Vac,
  • Paperback
  • English
  • Passion4dancing (09/28/2016)
  • Prime Video, G (General Audience)
  • Running time: 79 minutes
  • Play your way with the Nintendo Switch gaming system....
  • This bundle includes the Nintendo Switch console and...
  • Model number HAC 001
  • Uses Electric enter HD type hubs
  • For overhead or underground feed applications
  • Check with local utility for approval before installing
  • German, English, French

Combination service guide

Worth knowing about the topic Combination service

We know it: there are celebrations such as birthdays, family celebrations or simply a cozy meal with several people. But as the eye knows, you also want to cover the dining table in a particularly stylish and beautiful way. But how can you do that for several people and food courses, without throwing all the existing dinnerware together? Fortunately, there is the combination service!

What is Combination service and what advantage does it bring?

This is what is usually called a ceramic or porcelain made Crockery, which contains both the utensils of a dining service and the coffee set. Mostly you will find this service for 4, 6, 8 or 12 people. Usually in every common Combination service area Essteller. soup plates, various bowls for side dishes or desserts and coffee cups with the accompanying saucers included. Depending on the equipment and manufacturer of a service, for example, soup tureens, coffee pots, egg cup. sugar boxand milk jar or serving plates.
The big advantage of a Combination service lies at its periphery. This usually contains everything you need for table covering. Both in sufficient numbers and in an attractive and uniform design.

The agony of choice – which Combination service do you choose?

To choose from, there is everything the heart desires in terms of design and colors and wants to invest the wallet. Price differences exist primarily in terms of the high quality of porcelain or ceramics. But the manufacturer, the design and the decor play a crucial role. The online shop already offers a 30-piece tableware set for 33.35 EUR. If, however, you want to dine elegantly and authentically from label plates, you can do that with a Villeroy and Boch Combined Service for 300.00 EUR. The advantage of combined services of well-known manufacturers is clearly that various items from the sets are available over a long period of time and so broken or chipped pieces can easily be purchased at any time new.
Just as in the price, there are no limits in the design. From simple white with straight lines over sweeping shapes with gray ornaments to the lush round design with floral decoration. Decisive here is the own taste.

Finally, a little history: How did the service actually come about?

The first dinner service, christened Reliefzierat, was ordered by Friedrich der Große in 1765 for the Neue Palais in Potsdam at the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (KPMB). It must be known that Frederick the Great founded the KPMB in 1763 and, according to tradition, himself was sometimes his best customer. He has commissioned 21 dinner service for his entire castles alone. Most of the service had 36 memoranda and thus up to 500 items. Here it is interesting that the design was completely adapted to the interior design, in which it was used. The decor of the service was designed especially for the ceiling stucco of the castles. By the way, KPM manufactures all porcelain almost exclusively by hand and has been based in Berlin since its foundation. You can see the valuable production on the cobalt blue scepter from the coat of arms of Brandenburg at the bottom of each piece.
But back to history: The manufactory made a real coup in 1784 after many years of development work. She invented a novel shade of blue, bleu mourant, also called dying blue. Here was a heartfelt wish of Frederick the Great come true, as his favorite shade, which was also processed in his private chambers in the castle Sanssouci, now on his favorite dinner service with the name Neuzierrat could be painted. The successor of this service is called Antique Zierat and is still produced today!
As a born diplomat and owner of the KPM Friedrich used with preference high-quality porcelain for gifts and mediation. Thus both in the Russian czar’s house and on the boards of the great European royal houses magnificent figures and service were found out of the white gold.
Thus began the triumph of porcelain as a commodity. Formerly only used as an ornament, the KPM and Frederick the Great paved the way for the introduction of porcelain service in the households.

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