10 Best Crusty of 2019

  • Redline Ent (05/22/2001)
  • DVD, NR (Not Rated)
  • Running time: 41 minutes
  • Running time: 43 minutes
  • Brian Deegan, Carey Hart, Ryan Hughes, Seth Enslow, Travis...
  • English
  • Running time: 29 minutes
  • Seth Enslow, Joel Albrecht, Jeff Emig, Ryan Hughes, Jeff...
  • English
  • Fleshwound Films (12/22/2004)
  • Running time: 44 minutes
  • Enslow Seth, Mike Metzger, Travis Pestrana, Nate Adams
  • Redline Ent (05/22/2001)
  • DVD, NR (Not Rated)
  • Running time: 41 minutes
  • The Orchard (08/24/2015)
  • Prime Video, NR (Not Rated)
  • Running time: 67 minutes
  • Fleshwound Films (09/26/2005)
  • DVD, PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Running time: 60 minutes
  • Running time: 40 minutes
  • English
  • Running time: 49 minutes
  • English
  • Grandma Babe
  • Publisher: Independently published
  • Paperback: 24 pages

Backing pad Guidebook

To bake cakes, biscuits or pastries is the Crusty an optimal alternative to baking paper, It is made of silicone so it can be used again. This saves money in the long term, but also protects the environment. In addition, the base has other advantages, which facilitate the baking and cleaning of the furnace considerably.

Advantages of Crusty

The Crusty is one of the cooking utensils that has not yet moved into every kitchen. She is so practical. The biggest advantage of course is that the pad can be used permanently and serves as baking paper, usually several hundred or even a thousand times. The Crusty can be used to roll out the dough. As a result, the work surface no longer needs to be dusted with flour, which saves a lot of cleaning. Thanks to the silicone mat, no dough or sticky ingredients stick to the work surface. Silicone is heat resistant, so that the pad in the ovencan be placed. The finished pastry dissolves easily due to the optimal non-stick properties. The cleaning is also easy by hand. The Crusty is only rinsed after use with warm water, some products are even dishwasher safe. Often, the pad can also be tailored. In the latter case that should baking sheetbe measured before purchase.

Recommended baking pad: Belmalia silicone baking underlay

The permanent baking mat saves a lot of time and fat during baking. It is made of durable, high quality, food safe and BPA-free silicone. The base can be used instead of baking paper, oven spray or oil and also for rolling out dough. The mat is heat resistant up to 250 ° C. Thanks to the woven fiberglass, the heat is passed on evenly to the dough. It can be easily detached. The pad is easy to clean after baking and can be reused very often. She is a durable kitchen helper. Since greasing is not required, the preparation is much healthier. The ovenproof baking tray is universally applicable. It is suitable for every type of oven, microwave, as well as the freezer and the dishwasher. The oven can also be protected against burn-in with the baking tray by placing it under all baking operations. Splashes or overflowing food can therefore not burn into the bottom of the oven. This saves a lot of cleaning work. The storageis also very simple, either flat in the oven or rolled up in the drawer. The mat can be cut to the desired size.

Buy Backing Pad – what should be considered?

* Size

It is important to pay attention to the size so that the base fits perfectly into the baking sheet. It is also ideal if it can be tailored. Then this will be riskgenerally prevented.

* BPA-free baking pad

The pad should not contain harmful ingredients such as BPA. If it smells strongly when it is taken out of the packaging, it is advisable to bake the base without pastry in the oven, so that the odorants evaporate.

* Heat resistance

When buying should be paid to the manufacturer’s information. These indicate the temperature to which the baking tray is heat resistant.


The baking tray is an optimal alternative to baking paper because it can be reused several times. In addition, it has good non-stick properties and is easy to clean, often in the dishwasher. Some long-lasting mats can be cut to the desired size. With regard to the heat resistance, the manufacturer’s instructions should be observed.

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