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For people who do not have air conditioning in the house or apartment, a practical fan in the living rooms the best friends in the hot summer days. By the fan will be provided for the necessary cooling. In addition, this can also save electricity. In addition to its use in the living spaces is a fan also very popular in the office. After all, there are now a whole series of different fans, which differ by different properties. So there is the right model for every possible field of application in the trade. But how can one judge for oneself? fan is the right one for your own needs?

Fans – the different models

The fans differ from each other in function and design. Currently, there are the following types of devices on the market:

standing fans

ceiling fans

Table fans and

Tower fans.

standing fans

Of the floor-mounted fanis certainly one of the most common types of fans. This consists of the height-adjustable base, the rotor and the protective grid. Depending on the manufacturer, the size of the floor standing fan varies. Anyone who thinks about getting a pedestal fan will still be spoiled for choice, because the variety of different floor fans is simply huge. Depending on the manufacturer, performance, size and function, a pedestal fan can be found in all price ranges.
Overall, a standing fan has a whole range of advantages compared to the other fans. This can basically be set up everywhere. Most pedestal fans move laterally at a predefined angle and are adjustable in inclination, providing air to a particular room area. So that the propeller can not be touched during operation, each pedestal fan has a protective grille. In this case, a protective grid can be selected with a coarse-meshed grid basket or a finely-grained protective grid. This is especially intended for households with children, as in this case special attention must be paid to safety. A pedestal fan can be quite powerful. In this case, it is very important to make sure that the cable is long enough. Otherwise, health problems are risked. Especially in small rooms with a powerful standing fan, it can easily happen that you get a stiff neck or dry skin and eyes, and even a conjunctivitis. The correct cable length should be at least 180 cm to 200 cm, as this ensures that the pedestal fan can be placed indirectly in the room where it poses no danger to health.

ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are also very popular and very often selected. There is a wide choice of models when it comes to ceiling fans. Thus, the different models decide not only by form and color but also by the additional functions with which they are equipped. For example, ceiling fans with integrated lighting are very interesting. In addition, ceiling fans are popular that have a remote Controlor a special wall switch.
Of the ceiling fanbecomes, as its name says, the blanketassembled. During operation, he distributes the pent-up air into the entire room. In addition, it can be useful in winter. If the warm air collects on the ceiling in winter, a ceiling fan can also distribute it optimally throughout the room. The most important characteristic of a ceiling fan is its rotor blades. Depending on the model, the ceiling fan can have between three and five wings. The higher the number, the more air is transported to the room.
Today’s models of ceiling fans do not have much in common with the old large and especially noisy ceiling fans. Because the new models convince by an aesthetic form and a comfortable operation via the remote control. In many of these models, the individual rotor blades can be exchanged.
The only downside of a ceiling fan is its installation. This is quite expensive compared to the other fan types, because the other fans are easily installed, connected to the power and are already ready for use. The ceiling fan, on the other hand, must first be attached to the ceiling. Once attached, it can no longer be transported.
Who wants to avoid the complex installation, his fan but still wants to have on the wall, can easily get a model for hanging. Because such fans are simply hung on the hook and connected to the power supply. These can be used both at home and in the office as they are usually lightweight fans. Many table fans have the option of being hung on the wall.

table fan

On table fanIt is usually placed on the table and thus ensures cooling during work. It is a fan that is convenient both at home and in the office. These are available in different sizes and designs. If this is used in the office, attention should be paid to the individual properties before buying. Because there is more recommended a table fan whose power is adjustable in height and the noise level is low. This prevents paper from being blown away from the table during work by the draft or disrupting co-workers with a fan that is too loud. At home, a larger power level can be selected. In addition, the stability is very important in this table fan. So there are not only the models that are placed on the table but also for clipping on the desktop. In addition, USB fans are also very popular today. No power source is needed in the office as these fans are simply plugged into the USB port on the computer or laptop. Thus, these are not only in rooms with the power supply ready for use and advantageous, but wherever, where laptopcan be taken along, such. on the train or similar

The choice of each model depends ultimately on their own taste.
The biggest advantages of this fan are its low energy consumption, transport options and the possibility of direct airflow at the table during work. For the ventilation of a whole room, however, such a fan is rather not recommended.

tower-shaped fans

On tower fanowes its name to the specific appearance, as it is built like a columnar. Thus, a fan of this kind resembles a small tower. Despite its simple appearance, this fan is rather complex in its interior. The air in the interior is sucked in by a rotating impeller. Then the sucked air is expelled through ventilation slots in the housing into the environment. For example, this fan is a much better choice when compared to a pedestal fan when children are in the home because there is no way for small fingers to get through the slots to the impeller.
Most models of such fans move horizontally at a predefined angle. Some models can be adjusted in height, which can also reach other places in the room.
A tower fan is very quiet and free to install in any room. The simple design of a tower fan saves space, so it is often found in the waiting rooms of a doctor’s office. In addition, he is also in the living rooms an often selected model, especially in small apartments where space-saving fans are needed. Although the air is distributed evenly throughout the room by the tower fan, the performance of the tower fan is insufficient to cool a larger room. Here, either a stand fan must be provided or several tower fans must be distributed in the room.

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