10 Best fish pan of 2019

  • Made in France
  • Heavy weight; tight-fitting lid retains moisture
  • Oven Safe up to 500F
  • Made in France
  • Heavy weight; tight-fitting lid retains moisture
  • Oven Safe up to 500F
  • Taiyaki - Japanese/Korean fish shaped waffle filled with the...
  • Product Dimensions: cast aluminum - 6. 5" X 6" X 1. 5"...
  • Fish-shaped snack size: 5" X 3"
  • Perfect for the grilling enthusiast, this piece allows you...
  • Armetale metal is 100% recycled, food-safe, aluminum-based...
  • Great for those slip-through-the-grates foods like, peppers...
  • Measures: 20.5" x 6.125" x 5" / 52cm x 15.5cm x 13cm /...
  • Poach whole fish in one piece while retaining flavor and...
  • Includes lid and  perforated rack insert to drain and lift...
  • 2 tray design, made of high quality material, convenient,...
  • Material: Aluminum (pan)-Non Stick and Plastic (Handle)
  • Taiyaki Fish-shaped Cake Pan Waffle Pan Cake Pan Bread...
  • Material: Aluminum (pan)-Non Stick and Plastic (Handle)
  • Dimensions(inches): Pan of each side: 5 3/4 x 6 1/4 x 7/8"...
  • Handle: 5 1/2" Long
  • Chef's classic, 12", non-stick hard anodized skillet with...
  • The product is manufactured China
  • The product is easy to use
  • Ideal tool for Making Taiyaki - Japanese fish shaped waffle...
  • Double Pan Design, made of high quality cast aluminum...
  • Safe and convenient, excellent for making fish-shaped cakes...
  • Fish-shaped cast iron cornbread pan with 5 fish-shaped molds...
  • Rugged cast-iron construction heats slowly and evenly
  • Pre-seasoned and ready to use

Fish pan guide

Fish is delicious and healthy, but not easy to roast. Normal frying pans generally fail: depending on the size, something stands out while leaving plenty of room on the sides. Special fish pans create a remedy here.

Fish fry without piecing

Fish pans adapt to the body shape of the fish. They are oval and oblong. The handle is usually on the elongated side, a few models have the handle on the shorter side. But all have one thing in common: The place is used optimally, the whole fish fits into it. Thanks to a special coating, nothing burns or sticks to the floor. The particularly sensitive food can be turned around easier. Some models come with glass lid– and many can in the oven. How much fits in depends on the size. Some pans can accommodate three to four fish side by side.

Materials and texture

Common is aluminum – but there are also stainless steel fish pans. The latter is more robust, but also heavier, which makes the handling is not easy. There are pans with smooth bottom, also ribbed ground is common. Whether the latter has advantages is controversial. Although the fish gets such a pretty pattern, but it just does not lie evenly on the ground – this also the roasting is distributed unevenly. Manufacturers, on the other hand, are convinced that the fish will get bigger.

The type of coating is crucial only for very frequent use – because here must panto endure, even when cleaning. So if you prepare a lot of fish, you should prefer to use titanium coating, because it is simply more resistant. If only occasional use, however, a normal coating is sufficient.

Which handle?

Of course, one can be fish pan with normal long handle – similar to one frying pan– handle better. But whoever wants to put the pan in the oven, is better off with a pan that has pot-like handles. Optionally, some long handles can be removed. When buying make sure – the pan in the oven, this is always expressly on the instructions.


Some of the pans are dishwasher safe. Washing out by hand will extend the shelf life of your product fish pan , And with lemon you also get the fishy smell away again. Now and then rub with some cooking oil – this ensures the non-stick coating a longer life!

buying Tips

General rules when buying a ladder are also valid here. First and foremost, of course, is the quality of the materials used. It’s worth investing a bit more, especially in terms of longevity. So it does not have to be a titanium coating, but the cheapest models usually weaken first in the coating. Also pay attention to the processing: Are all parts stuck or wobbling somewhere? Is the floor completely flat? Otherwise, the pan later jerks on the stove, Which stove type do you use? Is it a induction cooker, then you should know that not all pans are suitable for it.

Especially with fish pans, you should consider for which food you need the pan. Because that depends on the size needed. But the height of the border can also be important. Pans with high edges can also be used for other purposes – such as asparagus cooking. And: May that be fish pan in the oven, so it is heat resistant? Up to how much degree? Is there a lid?

Happy to buy – a selection

Tefal A19912 Ideal fish pan
36 cm diameter, with thermo spot on the pan, which indicates the optimum frying temperature. For all heat sources except induction. Has a thermo plastic handle, can therefore in the oven to 175 degrees Celsius. PFOA-free. Comes without lid.

Fish pan AMT Gastroguss
41 x 27 cm, with safety glass lid. For all types of stoves, also induction cooker. Removable long handle, so can in the oven. Heat resistant up to 260 ° Celsius.

Fissler pan special fish
36 x 24 cm, with matching glass lid, for Ceran, gas and electric stove, For gentle cooking of whole fish. Short handles made of stainless steel, allowed in the oven. Optimum cooking on oval or overlong hobs.

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