10 Best Grappa glass of 2019

  • The Grappa Glass Holder is made of aluminium, and thermo...
  • It comes and holds 4 licuor glasses
  • It measures 4 ¾ length x 4 ¾ width x 10 ¼ height - Inches
  • Capacity: 3 Oz.
  • Height: 6.75"
  • Top Diameter: 1.625"
  • Contents: 6 Grappa glasses
  • Material: lead-free crystal glass
  • Height: 17.4 cm
  • Wider bowl with flared rim maximises flavour and aroma of...
  • Dimensions: Capacity: 80ml Diameter: 53mm Height: 163mm
  • Laser cut rims are ultra thin for a more refined tasting...
  • 6 Each Classico collection stemware; for use with spirits or...
  • Made of Tritan crystal; non-lead material composed of...
  • Classico collection: known for durability and elegance;...
  • Product Capacity: 3 oz.
  • Product Dimension: (H) 8" x (D) 2.5"
  • Perfect for liqueur or grappa
  • The Grappa Glass Holder is made of aluminium, and thermo...
  • It comes and holds 4 licuor glasses
  • It measures 4 ¾ length x 4 ¾ width x 10 ¼ height - Inches
  • Contents: 6 Grappa glasses
  • Material: lead-free crystal glass
  • Height: 17.4 cm
  • KitchenMarket
  • Housewares
  • Italian, German, French, English, Spanish
  • Lead and barium free yet the clarity and elegance of fine...
  • Classic and timeless design
  • Made with titanium for extra strength and durability

Grappa glass guide

Grappa glass

A lover of this Italian national drink will always be a real one Grappa glass use. But what is a real grappa glass? Why do you need Grappa glasses and in which version are they available?

What is a real grappa glass?
Grappa is a name for a special pomace brandy. It is made in Italy. The grappa brand Grappa is also at home in the Italian part of Switzerland. Today, the drink with an alcohol content of 37, 5 percent by volume is known and loved almost worldwide. So that the tasty, fruity wet tastes right, it requires a specially shaped glass.

However, true Grappa glasses have emerged only with the time of popularity and national and international spread of Grappa. Originally, poor estates and farmers drank the brew without glass and drinking culture.

It is said that there was a grapparation for the Italian soldiers during the First World War.

The easiest way to compare the shape of a grappa glass with that of a red wine glass. Because the basic form fulfills the same function in both cases. The noble tropics should be able to develop.
They are bulbous at the bottom and thus offer the drink an almost uniform depth, which allows a uniform warming. And the surface is maximum size. Then the glass tapers upwards. As a result, the beverage has a large surface area to combine with the oxygen, but the evaporation is kept small. The flavors do not escape excessively.

The Grappa glass and its manifestations:
There are Grappeglasses without style and with. They are bulbous and tapered upwards. There are also grappa glasses in goblet form. Grappa glasses without style are more reminiscent of cups in some versions. They belong to the modern design and have nothing to do with the original shape of a grappa glass.

Some glasses for Grappa have a lid for closing. So the aroma will contain maximum and not only the taste but also the smell beguile.

For the gastronomy should be set to stable Grappa glasses. Hand-blown pieces are rather fragile. Collectors, however, are happy that every hand-crafted piece is unique. Ornaments, engraving as desired or advertising on the Grappa glasses are much rarer with beer glasses. But they exist.
Often, manufacturers sell their Grappa as a gift package in attractive packaging. Here is a specially designed and labeled Grappa glass contain.
Design houses offer entire collection rows. However, not all chic models have a calibration mark. And this line for the exact filling quantity is indispensable in gastronomy. If you are unfamiliar with grappa, these types of grappa glasses are also suitable for home use. So you make sure to always serve in reasonable quantities.

The glass of choice for Grappa glasses is usually crystal glass. It is lead-free and does not affect the taste the least. But it is also very thin-walled. This is also attributable to the taste, but not the longevity.

The cleaning
Grappa glasses should not be in the dishwasher for cleaning. They become dull by the steam. Engravings and especially gold edges can flake off and also the taste changes due to the residues of cleaning agents.
When washing by hand should always be rinsed cold. When drying, caution is advised, otherwise the petite glass will break quickly.

By the way: residues of water collect pathogenic germs from the air and it can lead to diseases. Better dry carefully.

Tip: Grappa glasses are also ideal for serving liqueurs or other pomace brandies. Cup-shaped glasses can also be used for sherry.

Even cocktails in the Grappa glasses are well received at parties. The amount is small and it is something special.

If you do not like giving a bottle to a grappa enthusiast, but a glass is too boring, you can plant a small cactus in it Grappa glass ,

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