10 Best ice cream machine of 2019

  • Stainless steel
  • Includes paddle for gelato and paddle for ice-cream
  • 1.5-qt. capacity
  • Cuisinart
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Cuisinart
  • Kitchen
  • Fully automatic soft-serve ice-cream maker with...
  • 3 built-in condiment dispensers; cone holder; removable...
  • Produces 1-1/2 quarts of ice-cream in just 20 minutes; no...
  • FRUIT SOFT SERVE MACHINE: Easily create yummy tasting treats...
  • HEALTHY GOODNESS: With Yonanas, you can instantly churn...
  • EASY & FUN TO USE: Transform frozen fruit into dessert in...
  • Stainless steel
  • Includes paddle for gelato and paddle for ice-cream
  • 1.5-qt. capacity
  • FAST & FRESH: Pop in your fresh frozen fruit, and watch it...
  • DELICIOUS & HEALTHY: Slash away those fats, sugars, and...
  • ONE TOUCH: Just hit the single power switch for...
  • Ice-cream maker produces up to 4 quarts in 20 to 40 minutes
  • Fully automatic operation--no labor-intensive stirring...
  • Makes homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, sherbet,...
  • Kitchen

Ice Cream Maker Guide

The ice creams that are now available in the shops have a long list of ingredients that hardly anyone can understand. It is clear that many artificial flavors and aromas are used in the production of ice cream from the refrigerated shelves. The ice cream from next door to the ice cream is made with high quality ingredients, but also contains other chemical additives. So why not make your own ice cream then? Because that’s easy thanks to many recipes circulating on the Internet. However, the time factor is an essential point that keeps many people from producing their own. The ice must be cooled for several hours and stirred in between, which is tedious. If you would like to make a lot of ice cream yourself, then you have one ice cream machine Good advice, because this takes a lot of the work, so that you only have to decorate the finished ice cream and serve. All the ingredients that are mixed into the ice, you determine yourself and the delicious healthy ice cream can be enjoyed alone or with guests. By the way, when children are in the house, the little ones are always happy about the delicious ice cream and help with the preparation.

The ice cream machine choose correctly

In the trade are the most diverse models of ice machines on offer. There are many appliances available for the catering as well as models for private use. Among them, many ice cream machines are offered for a reasonable price and these are therefore affordable for every consumer. Who is willing to spend some more money in the ice cream machine Investing for private use has the advantage that the most modern cooling technology is used in these devices. With the cheaper devices, however, it is equally easy to create a delicious ice cream in between. Among the numerous offers and other important differences of the ice machines, it is sometimes difficult to select the right device. Basically, two special features of the ice machines are differentiated: Many ice machines are equipped with a simple cooling unit. Other devices have one compressor, which ensures a rapid cooling of the ingredients.

The ice machine: the model with cooling unit

Ice machines, which are equipped with a cooling unit, are already offered at a low price in the trade. They are often found in the special offer of large discounters for the summer season, because then the demand for ice cream machines is great. With these ice machines, however, a precise planning should be made, as the cooling unit must be cooled for up to 24 hours. This also requires a lot of space, so the cooling unit, which are in the freezer, there should also have the appropriate space. The freezer should therefore be measured beforehand. The component can be put into use after freezing. She will be in the ice cream machine used and then filled with the ingredients. The mix component helps to stir the ice mass constantly, which ensures the steady supply of oxygen. This then creates the required creaminess of the sweet delicacy. The disadvantage with this model is that the ice cream machine can not be used again immediately after the preparation of the ice mass. Finally, the cooling component must be cooled again in the freezer compartment. Thus, a rapid production of replenishment is eliminated, which can be quickly required in the summer with a large crowd of children.

Ice machine with cooling by compressor technology

Devices that are equipped with a powerful compressor, do not need a long preparation time. The cooling component cools fully automatically and ensures that all ingredients are processed evenly. The modern technology reaches temperatures of minus 18 to minus 34 degrees, which immediately cool the ice to the required temperature. A pipe arm distributes the amount of ice within the machine. Already frozen parts mix with the liquid residues, so that the ice is made evenly. The biggest advantage of the ice machines with compressor technology lies in the existing possibilities. The ice can be made spontaneously, there are no waiting times. Several manufacturing operations can be scheduled in a row. The user of this machine can produce many types of ice cream in a short time without long interruptions. This machine is great for preparing for a kids birthday or when guests come to visit. With all these advantages, however, the disadvantages must be reconsidered. The innovative technology has its price. The technically high-quality devices are expensive to buy. However, those who plan to make ice often outweigh the benefit of this device. With this ice cream maker, there are a few more significant benefits, because the technical equipment of modern ice machines is comfortable. Many innovative devices have a display on which the user can read the temperature and the production time in total and up to date. Times are freely selectable and can be changed at any time. Automatic time switch modes ensure a high level of operating convenience. The machines are easy to care for and clean.

Tips for cleaning the ice machine

The ice machine brings a lot of joy, but it should always be kept hygienic clean. Sugar and dairy products are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the machine must be cleaned as soon as possible after use. The operating instructions show how the device must be cleaned. Often it is possible to disassemble the machine into all parts. If desired, attention should be paid to this property prior to purchase. Since problems could arise when the machine is being removed from one another when it is dirty, it should be practiced beforehand. Thus, then usually no more confusion should occur even in the polluted state. Not every ice cream machine can be put into the dishwasher, it can also be considered before making a purchase decision to avoid surprises. Mostly it comes from the manufacturer’s information, you can ask it on the Internet or a seller. If the device is not allowed to be cleaned with the dishwasher, the cleaning remains with the hand. With a sponge, warm water and a little detergent should not be a problem.

The history of ice cream machines

Already at the time of antiquity ice-cold dishes were served, which were made from fruits and milk. With the delicious ice-cold ice cream of our time, the cool dishes of the time did not have much to do. This is related to the type of preparation, because the food was processed by ice or snow. Honey, rosewater and even wine were used to prepare the ice-cold mass. Recipes for such concoctions are already found in traditions from the year 3000 BC in China or Greece. However, the real ice, as we know it, originated much later, in Italy. In this country, which is still known today for the most delicious ice cream, ice cream was created in 1530 in the Middle Ages. Since then recipes for the sweet cold food have spread like wildfire in all sections of the population. Incidentally, the ice cream was already called Gelati at that time. From then on instructions for the preparation of delicious delicacies were created all over Europe and the ice cream was served in the medieval coffee houses as ice for coffee. The cold dish became a popular dessert and appeared in many of the most popular cookbooks in the most sophisticated variations. At that time there were no ice machines and the ice had to be touched with his hands. The first industrial ice cream machine was built in the mid-19th century and came from America.

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