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Ironing is one of the unpopular household tasks. Thanks to modern technology, however, it is now much easier and more comfortable. The prerequisite, of course, is that a high quality Iron that makes the job as easy as possible. This makes ironing child’s play.

What is an iron?

The Iron It is a very practical help in the household, especially if the crumpled clothing is smoothed with heat, but also with steam. The latter is a bow accelerator, because by the outflowing steam ironing is greatly facilitated. The steam is generated during ironing in the device and discharged through the sole into the laundry. The higher the amount of steam, the faster the laundry will be smooth. Decisive, however, is the size of the water tank. The Iron consists of a handle and a heatable unit. Through the sole this comes into contact with the textiles to be ironed. The appropriate temperature for the appropriate ironing material can be adjusted via a button.

Various models Iron

* Dry iron

This model is ironed without steam. This is the simplest and cheapest version of the iron, which is not so widespread. In a dry iron, the laundry is achieved solely by heat and pressure. Ironing without steam requires a lot of strength and patience. The advantage lies in the lower price, in the handiness and in the lighter weight. But the big disadvantage is that the Iron For example, wrinkles in linen can not be eliminated. Recommended is the following model:

Severin BA 3211 iron

This iron has an aluminum fine-cut sole, an overtemperature protection, a stepless temperature control and a swiveling anti-kink protection. The lightweight device is a deal for quick ironing, especially fine fabrics. Thanks to the aluminum sole, the iron glides effortlessly. Due to the narrow soleplate hard to reach places are reached. The temperature can be adjusted to the needs of different textiles by means of knobs. The very agile cable is ideal for any conditions.

* Steam iron

Steam makes it easier to remove wrinkles from textiles. Thus, this iron is a great relief. The steam and pressure achieve faster wrinkle-free results and with significantly less effort. Therefore, it is recommended to one steam ironto buy. If you regularly iron, especially very fine or wrinkled linen, should choose the following model, which is high quality and brings many features.

Philips GC3811 / 70 Azur Performer Steam Iron

This steam iron has automatic steam control so you do not have to choose the right amount of steam yourself. It is only necessary to set the appropriate temperature for the garment to be ironed. Constant steam output (up to 40 g / min) is ideal for smoothing out any wrinkles. The steam shock function (up to 160 g) can be used for vertical ironing or stubborn creases. The SteamGlide Plus soleplate provides the best gliding ability and the specially designed holes in the iron allow for even steam distribution. Thanks to the double-active Calc-Clean system, limescale deposits are prevented with the help of anti-calc tablets and the user-friendly Calc-Clean function. 2400 watts heat up the iron quickly and provide powerful performance that results in excellent ironing results.

Buy iron – what should be respected?

* Power

The iron should have sufficient power, at least 2,200 watts. The advantages are a faster heating and a constant maintaining of the high temperature. This ultimately saves ironing time.

* Steam

How powerful the iron is, also decides on the pressure, with which the steam comes from the device and thus over the ironing results with different materials. Those who want to iron with little effort, should note the following: The conventional power is 40 g / min and the above-average performance, which is ideal for heavy materials, 100 g / min.

* Heating up phase

Above all, people who always have to iron a shirt for their work in the morning, for example, should pay attention to the heating time. This is often a bit longer at the ironing stations than with a steam iron.


To get smooth laundry, a good iron is needed, which should not be missing in any household. In general, a decision is made between dry iron and modern steam iron. The latter is recommended because of the advantages mentioned.

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