10 Best Kaffeevollautomat of 2019

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Coffee machine guidebook

Coffee machine – aromatic coffee specialties at the push of a button

The Germans are considered coffee lovers. Statisticians have found that about 200,000,000 cups of stimulating drink are consumed in our country every day. So far, most coffee drinkers have used a filter machine to prepare their favorite drink. But in recent years households and offices have been increasingly finding coffee machines. The advantages of coffee machines are obvious: the operation of the devices is straightforward and the coffee drinker does not need to worry about anything. The coffee is particularly aromatic, because the beans are ground immediately before preparation. Delicious coffee enjoyment as with your favorite Italian – this is no longer a domain of professionals. The disadvantage of coffee machines is that each cup is prepared individually. Although this is very fast and comfortable – but for a coffee table with many people coffee machines are not the first choice. But for the morning coffee or the stimulating espresso in the office, the coffee machines are ideal. Almost everyone who has tried such a device once thought so. The manufacturers have adjusted to this new trend. But what should coffee drinkers pay attention to when they want to buy a coffee machine?

Functioning of coffee machines

With a coffee machine, the preparation of perfect coffee specialties is a breeze, because the stylish device (almost) all the necessary steps automatically done. After the user has selected the desired beverage, the required amount is added coffee beanstaken from the reservoir and ground exactly as it is needed for the production of an espresso. Not everyone interested in coffee machines is aware that these devices are always espresso machines. Whether you want to drink a cappuccino, café latte or a ’normal‘ coffee – the base is always an espresso. To prepare a real espresso, high pressure water (9 bar) is forced through the coffee powder. The result is a tasty espresso that meets the highest demands. If you have selected another coffee specialty at the push of a button, milk, milk foam or even hot water is automatically added to the espresso according to the respective recipe.

Important quality criteria that play a role in the selection

When comparing coffee machines, there may be significant differences in some points:
– Accurate compliance with pressure and temperature values ​​that are optimal for preparing a perfect espresso
– Mechanics
– Comfort in operation and programming
– Production of milk foam
The first point is especially important. In order to prepare a good espresso, all conditions must be met exactly. This means that the grinder must provide as homogeneous a coffee powder as possible in the optimum fineness. Six to eight grams of the coffee powder are extracted within 25 seconds with 20 to 30 ml of water at a pressure of nine bar and a temperature of 89 to 95 ° C. Only coffee machines that are able to accurately follow every single detail provide the espresso connoisseurs expect. If the coffee is coarsely ground or the temperature too low or too high, disappointments are inevitable. A device that is used several times a day should be as easy to use as possible. This starts with filling the water tank and ends with the maintenance of the device. If you want to make several cups in a row, you should opt for a model with a large water tank. To ensure high pressure, all parts of the machine must be made of high quality materials. That such quality comes at a price is obvious. But the excellent enjoyment justifies the purchase.

Coffee machines that guarantee consummate enjoyment

One of the most popular coffee machines is the ECAM 22.110.B coffee machine by DeLonghi. The device is operated in a proven way with the aid of rotary controls and direct selection buttons. The conical grinder works pleasantly quiet.
Coffee lovers who want a comfortable coffee machine with which they can prepare a variety of specialty coffees should take a closer look at the Saeco Moltio One Touch HD 8769 with integrated milk carafe. The coffee tastes excellent. The operation and the maintenance is completely uncomplicated.

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