10 Best knife sets of 2019

  • J.A. Henckels International
  • Kitchen
  • Cuisinart
  • High quality stainless steel blades
  • Hand wash
  • Set includes 8" Chef Knife, 8" Serrated Bread Knife, 8"...
  • Kitchen
  • 12-piece colored knife set includes 6 knives and 6 matching...
  • Durable stainless-steel blades effectively hold a sharp...
  • Unique color-coded system for quick knife identification and...
  • Superior high-carbon stainless steel blades
  • Hand wash
  • Set includes 8" Chef Knife, 8" Slicing Knife, 7" Santoku...
  • J.A. Henckels International
  • Kitchen
  • 14-piece knife set includes: 1 Pine wood block, 1 pair of...
  • Also includes (6) 4.5-inch steak knives, kitchen shears,...
  • Superior high-carbon stainless-steel blades for precision...
  • Cuisinart
  • Kitchen knife set can hardly bend or break - Wanbasion knife...
  • Kitchen knife will not scratch - The natural black titanium...
  • Kitchen knife set not easy to rust - Double - layer...

Knife sets guide

As with any craft, nothing is good about working in the kitchen Tool, What the carpenter hammerand saware the knives for the cook. They should be numerous and available in different versions, so that every food can be optimally processed. That’s why many hobby and professional chefs opt for a knife set that includes blades for various kitchen tasks. As far as its scope and the material of the handles and blades are concerned, the opinions of the chefs differ. Here every chef has his personal favorites, with whom he has been working for years. What constitutes a good knife set and which knife it should contain, you will find in this guide.

Which knives are available?

The purchase of a knife sets can have different reasons. Some customers are building a new household and want to build a base of knives. Others want to extend their existing knives with special blades. For starters, a knife set like a knife blockat. It contains a range of knives that cover a lot of work in the kitchen. To the standard equipment of this knife sets belong:

– bread knife
– filleting knife
– Chef’s knife
– Fruit / vegetable knife
– Paring knife
– Utility knife

The knife block made of wood or plastic ensures that the blades are well protected and ready to hand when needed. If you own a basic set of knives and want to extend them with blades for special kitchen work or reward yourself with a high-quality knife set, you will also find it. For example, you need sets with cooking and cooking cleaverJapanese or Chinese style, as offered by Zwilling Pollux. Likewise enjoy knife sets for meat lovers growing in popularity. They include, for example, special Boningand stingers in different sizes. The butcher knives allow the clean slicing of large portions of meat for panor barbecue. Also in demand knife sets for gutting, removing and filleting fish. An important criterion for the quality and service life of a knife sets is the material from which the blades are made.

Stainless steel, ceramics or Damascene?

The prices for knife sets range from a few euros up to priceless. Decisive for the price is the material and the production of the blades. Inexpensive knife sets usually consist of blades with blades made of corrosion-resistant steel. The blades are thin, light and sharp. However, you lose that sharpness quickly and need to be sharpened again. More and more cooks swear by knives with ceramic blades. The knives are more expensive, but very light and extremely hard. As a result, the knives must be sharpened less frequently. A disadvantage of ceramic blade knives, however, is that it can break if accidentally dropped.

Blades made of Damascus steel play in the top league of knife sets. Their production is associated with great effort and usually manual labor. A blacksmith makes an extremely hard blade out of many layers of steel, which despite the material retains its elasticity and can be sharpened extremely sharply afterwards. Knife sets with blades made of Damascus steel are a purchase for life and accordingly expensive. It is not uncommon for individual knives to cost hundreds of euros. A comparatively cheap way to enjoy Damascus knives is the Wakoli 4 Damask Knife Set. The knives are forged from 67 layers. By processing the knives are optimally protected against breakage and corrosion. Differently present also the handles of the knives. For cheap knife sets, handles made of plastic and stainless steel are usually used. The handles of high-quality knives are usually made of bamboo and specially treated real wood such as pakka wood.

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