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  • Douglas J. Whaley, Stephen M. McJohn
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
  • Edition no. 8 (03/15/2019)
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Leases counselor

Lease agreements are concluded when an object, vehicle or object is rented. This is true for homes, houses as permanent or short term dwelling, as well as for vehicles from the car rental company and other items. The structure of a rental contract always contains a reference to the matter and regulates all details between the landlord and the tenant.

Lease agreements for apartments and houses

Who does not own a home, lives mostly for independent rent in an apartment or a house. For the agreed rental period, both parties must conclude a lease. In Germany, the lease can also be closed only orally. Witnesses who confirm the facts in case of conflict are recommended. Generally, however, a written lease is always recommended, as it is mandatory in other countries by law. The tenant or landlord does not have to have German citizenship nor live in Germany to rent or rent an apartment or house.

Houses and apartments are rented as a primary residence, in this case a registration with the registration office is necessary or as a second home, for example as a workers‘ flat. In the lease important details must be clearly written, in addition, both parties must understand the contents or seek advice from a tenant protection association or legal counsel. The following contents characterize a valid lease:

– personal data of the parties (first and last name, last address of the tenant, current address of the landlord, possibly date of birth and place of birth)
– personal data of all members of the main tenant
– Data on the object (exact address, floor, number of rooms, information on furnished rooms, total size of the rooms)
– Rental period
– notice periods
– special arrangements (garage and / or garden use, house corridor, road and external terrain cleaning)
– as an annex the house rules
– Rent (rent and utilities)
– Teachings (subletting and similar matters)
– Information on animal husbandry
– Amount of the deposit and when it is due
– Data protection

prefabricated leases , which must be completed individually, find tenants and tenants on the Internet and in consumer protection, insurance or tenants‘ association and with competent specialist lawyers. Such leases can also be agreed for holiday / holiday apartments, provided the landlord has the legal right to rent the rooms to short-term guests.

Lease agreements for vehicles

On the Internet or in a holiday region on site vehicles are offered for rent. Anyone wishing to use this service must fulfill various requirements and be in possession of valid documents:

– valid European or equivalent driver’s license of the respective class for the vehicle
– valid identity card or passport
– valid credit card for guarantee deposit with the car rental company

The driving ability must be given, in most countries reaches the minimum age of 18 years, in some countries car owners receive only from 21 or 25 years, a rental vehicle. Many car rental companies lend vehicles only to people who no longer drive on trial. The following contents are relevant in a rental agreement for vehicles in general:

– Details of the vehicle tenant (first and last name, address, date of birth, place of birth and state)
– Information on driving license (driving classes, valid until when)
– Credit card details
– Information about possible comprehensive insurance for rental vehicles
– Details of the landlord (address of the rental office including state, legal owner of the business authority)
– Rental period
– Insurance
– rented additional objects (child seat, navigation system)
– Condition of the vehicle
– information on costs, consumption and kilometers
– relevant legal requirements for the state in which the vehicle is rented
– Special clauses (early return of the vehicle and similar versions)
– Data protection

Leases for the rental of property

A lease can be written for each rental property. Even if from the neighbor one vacuum cleaneris rented. This is not as extensive as a tenancy agreement for living space under private law, but can clarify the facts in detail and ensure order in an emergency. It is always important to name the leased parties with their full name and current address, because the words „Müller has a Washing machinePlaced for three months, „Schlichter barely carries on. Many people in Germany have the surname“ Müller „.

For commercial leases tenants and landlords must be able to work and have reached the age of majority. This does not necessarily apply to private leases where objects are rented for free, for example, but the landlord of the owner remains in the true sense. Then contracts are also possible from the age of 14 years. If necessary, minors should be represented by their parents, especially if the other party is not a direct relative.

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