10 Best LG dryer of 2019

  • LG
  • Washer Dryer Combo - All-in-One
  • No access to external venting? No problem. LG's all-in-one...
  • LG Electronics part number MCK49049101
  • Dryer Lint Filter Cover
  • Color: Gray
  • Compatible with most 27 in. LG washers and dryers
  • To be used with front control laundry units
  • Frees up space in your laundry room
  • 7.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Drum
  • 9 Drying Cycles / 12 Drying Options / 5 Temperatures
  • Matching Washer Model WT7200CW
  • Replacement Lint Filter
  • Compatible With Select Dryers
  • Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct,...
  • LG Electronics part number MCK49049101
  • Dryer Lint Filter Cover
  • Color: Gray
  • This is a True LG Part!
  • This Part Was Originally Shipped With Your Dryer!
  • Don't See Your Model Number Listed? Send Us A Messag! We Are...
  • LG Electronics part number 5231EL1003B
  • Dryer Lint Filter Assembly with Felt Rim Seal
  • 6 inch Length connector with 1/2 inch Compression connection...
  • Fits Lg Washer/Dryer
  • Genuine LG OEM Part
  • Replaces LG Part Numbers: 5301EL1001U,5301EL1001W

LG dryer adviser

Life’s Good (LG) stands for innovative household appliances and other electrical appliances, such as TV sets. Thanks to the innovative technology that LG uses at the manufacturer of dryers for private households, not only the textiles are spared, but also the environment. Together they have LG dryer also that they have a wide range of drying programs. Thanks to the exact temperature control, which is also integrated in these devices, the drying process can be adapted to the individual requirements of the textiles. This happens with the LG dryers via sensors, over which everyone LG dryer features. All have a child safety LG dryer as well as an energy saving function. The Eco Hybrid technology installed in the LG dryers is particularly economical. This makes the devices highly energy efficient. Thus, the purchase of a dryer from LG ultimately spares the user’s wallet. Since different sized families have different needs, also with regard to a dryer, one is also in good hands with LG. Because even this factor is LG with its range of dryers – whether condenser or heat pump dryer– fair for every need. The LG dryer are available with a capacity of up to 9 kilos. Even if this filling quantity is not reached, the work LG dryer nevertheless highly efficient.

Heat pump dryer from LG

In the past, it has been shown time and again that LG is always at the forefront of technical innovation and achievement. This is also the case with dryers, which are in private households. At the same time, LG is covering several areas with new innovations. This is also the case with the new generation of heat pump dryers, which are currently in the LG range. On the one hand, which is typical of heat pump dryers, these dryers require only a fraction of the energy of previous dryer models. These LG dryers also effortlessly meet the required specifications for energy efficiency class A ++. What is additionally worth mentioning in this new generation LG dryer is the fact that they are self-cleaning. This means that the condenser of the device cleans itself automatically. This happens with water pressure. Manual cleaning is no longer necessary. This saves the user a lot of time. Thanks to this self-cleaning mechanism, it is possible for the condenser installed in these LG dryers to work smoothly at all times. After all, it is the capacitor on which it depends, whether the drying performance is good and the energy efficiency is high.

Wide range of programs

The heat pump dryers from LG also have an Eco mode as standard. This can be used if not so much laundry is to be dried. The speed mode, however, significantly reduces the operating time. The top models of LG dryers have a whole host of other programs. These include programs specifically for woven fabrics, cotton, sportswear, easy-care laundry, jeans, delicates, wool and a program for large items of laundry and a quick-drying program, as well as programs called „Cooling“, „Warm“, „Cupboard dry“, „Refresh“ and „Skin Care“. The right program is available for all types of laundry and every need. In tests by independent institutes and also in online tests, the LG dryers always perform well. Many of them even finish in first place and thus become winners in their category.

Outstanding service

There is also good support for the LG dryers. On the LG website, the company offers to register the product. This registration can help to get in contact with the manufacturer directly and quickly in case of an error message or other problem. In addition, there is also further information about the registered product. Of course, support also includes a help center. This is built in the form of a FAQ page, but also offers the opportunity to read news articles about the LG dryer. Frequently asked questions are also answered in detail here. Ultimately, the support area also includes a spare part shop.

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