10 Best metal chain of 2019

  • Synthetic
  • All Men Made Material
  • Removable and Adjustable Stud Ankle Buckle Detailing
  • Durable steel safety chain for securing tow vehicle to...
  • Include spring hook on each end
  • Class I - 2,000 lb. capacity
  • Multipurpose metal hanging chain
  • Easy to install and remove; 4x 35-inch and 4x 9.5-Inch in...
  • Weather-resistant finish hanging chain for indoor or outdoor...
  • Synthetic
  • All Men Made Material
  • Removable and Adjustable Stud Ankle Buckle Detailing
  • Steel, Zinc Plated
  • Working load 29 lbs
  • 100 ft. roll
  • Case hardened proof coil chain
  • Made of low carbon steel
  • Zinc plated finish
  • Nickel Plated Ball Chain,24 Inches Long 2.4mm Bead Size...
  • Each necklace comes complete with a ball chain connector,Top...
  • Adjustable in length - simply cut between the balls with...
  • Multipurpose metal hanging chain
  • Easy to install and remove; 4x 35-inch and 4x 9.5-Inch in...
  • Weather-resistant finish hanging chain for indoor or outdoor...
  • Mainly used in ceiling fan chain, high ceiling light...
  • Pull chain extension: 16 feet/ 5 meters long of silver metal...
  • Diameter size:3.2 mm/ 1/ 8 inch,#6 size,With 20...
  • Bird feeder chain: hanging chain hold ability up to 20 lbs,...
  • Adjustable hook: you can shorten or extend or loop the chain...
  • Size and weight: chain length is 35 inch in total with 1.8...

Metal chain guidebook

Metal chains are an indispensable part of today’s life. They are not only worn as fashionable jewelry but also used as so-called technical chains.

But especially when purchasing technical metal chains, there are some important things to consider, because a wrong or inferior chain can cause great damage.

What are technical chains?

There are two types of technical metal chains:

Chains that serve to transmit power
These are chains that consist of articulated links, but they are only movable in one plane. A good example is the conventional bicycle chain. It fits due to the interconnected hinge members on a toothed sprocket. This chain is only movable in two directions (up or down) laterally, this type of chain is rigid and thus immovable. The steel link chain is mainly used as a drive chain (roller chain), as it can be used to transmit torques. Only in this way, for example, is it possible to transfer the force created by pedaling to the bicycle in order to set it in motion. This type of chain is also used in cars and motorcycles as a camshaft drive. Much more flexible are two-dimensionally movable link chains, which are used, among other things, for lifting, fixing and delimiting.


Metal chains for lifting or fixing or delimiting

This chain form consists of round or oval chain links, which are intricate in itself. Because of this connection of the individual limbs can this metal chain be moved in all directions. Technically speaking, this type of metal chain in two dimensions flexible. This chain form is probably one of the most common metal chains and can be used multifunctional. For example, chains are called snow chains, Anchor chains and chains used, lock off entrances or shoot entrance gates.

Which forms of two-dimensionally flexible chains are there?

The two-dimensionally movable metal chains include, for example:


link chain

Steg chain

Round steel chain

ring chain

What is a link chain?

The link chain usually consists of oval, directly connected links, which are twisted by 90 degrees. The individual chain links have a particularly strong weld due to a special welding process. Thus, this chain is extremely resilient.

The bridge chain

Even more resilient than the link chain is the so-called bridge chain. This is mainly characterized by the fact that in the middle of the oval chain links is a stable cross bar. This web prevents the link sides from being contracted under load. In addition, it is not possible due to the crosspiece that wedged the chain links in the unloaded state in each other. This type of chain is used, for example, as an anchor chain on ships.

What is meant by a ring chain?

The ring chain is made of round chain links. It is usually used only as jewelry or ornaments because of their low load capacity.

The round steel chain

The round steel chain is made of steel or stainless steel. It is mainly used as a lifting tool or conveyor chain in machines.

What about buying one metal chain to pay attention?

Depending on what the chain is to be used for, it is advisable to compare the chains with each other, for example, in a home improvement market. When choosing the right chain should be paid to quality. If you save in the wrong place, for example, lifting a heavy object with a pulley may cause a fatal accident.

A branded product does not always live up to its promises. For example, a look into the internet can help here. In the meantime, there are tests and customer reviews for almost every product, which have also uncovered many flaws in the chains of well-known manufacturers.

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