10 Best patterns of 2019

  • Stripology squared book includes 10 patterns using 10"...
  • Each pattern is offered in multiple sizes
  • Uses creative grids stripology ruler cgrge1
  • Reader s Digest Association
  • Editors of Reader's Digest
  • Publisher: Reader's Digest
  • Quilt In A Day-Sew Straight
  • Save time with Sew Straight by sewing unmarked diagonal...
  • Made in USA
  • STO-20492
  • 9781612120492
  • Brand New Item / Unopened Product
  • Made in the USA
  • Instructions available in English, Spanish and French
  • Available in Size: a (XS - L/XS - XL)
  • Includes instructions for (4) kimono style patterns
  • Women's kimono patterns are for sizes A...
  • Kimono patterns can have different lengths and trim options...
  • The package includes the complete paper pattern to make the...
  • Great for the Do-It-Yourself Weekend Woodworker.
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Choly Knight
  • Publisher: Design Originals
  • Quilt In A Day-Sew Straight
  • Save time with Sew Straight by sewing unmarked diagonal...
  • Made in USA
  • Includes sewing templates, sizing guidelines, and easy to...
  • This Harry Potter costume sewing template can be sewn in...
  • Sew a magical Harry Potter Halloween costume for the whole...

Sewing pattern guide


Pattern sheets are templates that are needed for sewing garments. patterns are made of thin paper and are used to cut the individual fabric elements. The paper parts are then placed on the respective panels and then carefully contoured the contours with a chalk pen or fabric roller. Then you take the patterns again from the panels and can process them as usual.

The historical origin of the pattern sheets

Pattern sheets were created in the course of industrialization, with the development of the first electric looms could be started with the industrial production of fashion. The templates were developed in 1863 by the American entrepreneur Ebenezer Butterick. Aenne Burda finally brought the cut sheets from 1945 with their fashion magazines closer to a wider audience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With the distribution of pattern sheets, garments could be made in private households from that point on. Especially the lack of wearable fashion after the end of the war aroused the interest of the ladies in the pattern and so began the triumphant advance of the editing templates. Incidentally, pattern sheets were very popular in the former GDR until the end of 1989. The country’s clothing industry was almost flat or high prices had to be paid for expensive imports from abroad. Self-designed and sewn clothing was therefore a good way for GDR citizens to dress fashionably.

The pattern sheets today

Currently, the designing and sewing of their own garments has come back into fashion. Not to compensate for any deficiency symptoms. It is the desire for creative design and a more individual life again. The variety of sewing instructions with pattern sheets in relevant magazines is huge today. In addition, there are the pattern sheets for free on the Internet. They are simply downloaded and can then be printed out. To save paper, the bows are now usually designed so that all individual cut elements are on a sheet. These clothing parts such as front and back, bags and latches are differentiated by different colors. During the cutting, the respective cut elements are then gently bypassed with the fabric roller. The contours can then be seen on the underlying fabric.

What types of pattern sheets are there

Sewing pattern templates are available for current women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, skirts, dresses, trousers, blouses, jackets and shirts. each patterns is either divided into individual sheets, for example, a skirt pattern in skirt front and back and waistband and eventual pockets or just as already described in a single arcwith colored elements. When using the pattern sheets, make sure that the appropriate size is selected. The sizes are also on the cut templates. Incidentally, the current range of pattern sheets also includes those for animal clothing and even for doll fashion.

Buy pattern

Can be quite traditional patterns in the current sewing and knitting magazines in the newspaper trade. In addition, there are free pattern sheets on the Internet. They are available for example at amazon.de, gratis-schnittmuster.de, schnittmuster-naehen.de and many other sites. Other pattern sheets can be found most quickly on the search engines Google or Ecosia. By the way, the Internet also offers a variety of sewing instructions and courses, so that nothing stands in the way of creative design.

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