10 Best pepper mill of 2019

  • New "Superiore" steel mechanism. Our fastest grinding mills...
  • Made here on Nantucket Island from parts made in the USA and...
  • Easy filling with sliding side mounted loading ring. Large...
  • Kitchen
  • Non-slip, oversized knob is easy to grip and turn
  • Long arm makes grinding easy
  • Ceramic mechanism adjustable for coarse or fine grind
  • New "Superiore" steel mechanism. Our fastest grinding mills...
  • Made here on Nantucket Island from parts made in the USA and...
  • Easy filling with sliding side mounted loading ring. Large...
  • Kitchen
  • Cole and Mason
  • Kitchen
  • OXO
  • Kitchen
  • No need to buy batteries for KSL salt and pepper grinder:...
  • Modern shaker set in the premium box is the best...
  • One-touch electric pepper grinder - just press the button...

Pepper mill guide

The pepper mill was invented and manufactured in 1842 by Peugeot. Before the company made its name as a manufacturer of vehicles, gearwheels were produced at the factories in France pepper mill are integrated. Even today, the company Peugeot produces high quality pepper mills, for example the models Peugeot 25441 Daman pepper mill Stainless steel and Peugeot 23706 Paris pepper mill Wood. The professional pepper mills from Peugeot are characterized by their unique, spiral-shaped grinder. The degree of grinding can be adjusted in different stages, so that the pepper can develop its entire flavor. The functional principle of pepper mill not changed significantly until today. Pepper mills are needed to grind whole peppercorns. A good pepper mill should not be missing in any household, as peppercorns last longer than ground pepper. Furthermore, each type of pepper, when freshly ground, turns out to be a special treat.

Peppermills – the different versions

Pepper mills are now available as hand-operated and electrically operated spice mills. To operate the electrically powered models batteriesneeded.

These criteria must be considered when choosing a pepper mill

The grinder is the most important component of a pepper mill. The different manufacturers equip their products with different grinders. Particularly cost-effective grinders are made of plastic. High quality grinders for professional pepper mills are traditionally made of steel. Modern grinders are also made of titanium or ceramics. Another criterion in the selection of a pepper mill are the expected follow-up costs, for example, incurred by the purchase of batteries. And of course, the design, the quality, the handling and the price should be included in the purchase decision.

The advantages and disadvantages of the different grinders

Steel grinders have the advantage that they are resistant to corrosion and have a particularly long service life. A model with a steel grinder can be used for many years without the molars getting worn out. In a spice millHowever, with a steel grinder only pepper may be ground. Salt, on the other hand, can attack and damage a zinc or steel coating.

Ceramics are not only innovative, but also a very durable material. With a model, which is equipped with a ceramic grinder, not only pepper, but also salt can be ground, since no rust can adhere to ceramic. The disadvantage of a ceramic grinder is that the pepper mill may never be used without filling. In case of accidental use without contents, complete molars may break out of the pepper mill.

A titanium grinder combines the corrosion resistance of the ceramic and the stability of steel. The only drawback is that titanium is a particularly expensive raw material that requires elaborate processing. For this reason, amateur cooks prefer models in which a steel grinder is integrated.

Advantages and disadvantages of hand-operated pepper mills

Hand-operated models, such as the VENKON – manual mill with practical one-button operation and viewing window, have the advantage that no batteries are required for operation. As a result, the use of the mill no follow-up costs. Hand-ground pepper is also aromatic in all degrees.

The disadvantage of a hand-operated pepper mill is that the wrists require some stamina and strength. For older people and for people with a physical handicap is therefore an electric pepper mill, for example, the model WMF 0667366100 electric salt and pepper mill, usually the better alternative.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric pepper mills

The advantage of an electric pepper mill, for example the model Peugeot 28503 Alaska pepper mill, is that no physical force has to be used for grinding. A disadvantage of electrically operated spice mills is that consequential costs are caused by the purchase of batteries.

Tips for professional handling of a pepper mill

Even if a steel grinder stays sharp, a pepper mill should never be used unfilled. Pink pepper should not be ground in a pepper mill. This spice is a berry that is harvested from the Brazilian pepper tree and is often added to pepper mixtures and glued to the grinder.

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