10 Best pot lid of 2019

  • Misc.
  • Simple Houseware
  • Kitchen
  • Organize, store, and display your favorite plates and dishes
  • Great for sorting and storing pot lids in the cabinet
  • Made from bamboo wood, a natural and renewable resource
  • Kitchen
  • Constructed from durable steel. Incorporating "Simple is...
  • Non scratch coating protects stored pot lids from being...
  • Use in kitchen cabinets, pantry, or on kitchen counter.
  • Misc.
  • High quality: High Quality durable stainless steel, sturdy,...
  • Wide applications: It is great Gift for housewife. Special...
  • Practical: it can offer a new place to your everyday pan lid...
  • White vinyl coated rustproof lid rack for pots and pans
  • Fits up to 8 lids
  • Organizes your kitchen

Pot lid guide

Pot lid guide

On pot lid serves to protect the food as well as the surrounding kitchen areas. Any spraying or steam will be reduced and the kitchen will stay clean and fresh. Thanks to the pot lid, the food itself is cooked faster, which saves energy and time.

Which variants of pot lids there are

A lid should always fit the pot used. Only then is a sealing completion of the edge possible and it can not escape water vapor or the like. pot lid is therefore available in all possible diameters. The smaller models are just 10 to 15 cm tall, larger variants can have a diameter up to 50 cm. The covers are usually made of metal, modern models can also be made of high quality glass. pot lid have the property to heat up during the cooking process. We therefore recommend models with a heat-resistant handle. There are the products of silver-colored metal and gray cast iron or in many attractive colors such as orange, red or blue. glass lidare transparent.

Proper cleaning of the lid

Most pot lid can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher today. Only with heavily soiled lids can they be pretreated with a special care preparation or soaked in soapy water. Then come the pretreated pot lid with in the dishwasher.

Where to buy the pot lids

For the purchase of a pot lid, consumers and service providers today have many different options. There are the models in department stores, in furniture and furnishing markets, in kitchen studios and of course on the Internet on many furniture and home pages. The prices of the pot lid can vary greatly. Cheap models, which are usually not too good quality, are already available for a few euros. High-quality products in heavy quality and with excellent product properties can cost around 50 euros. When buying a pot lid should be paid to the quality. After all, when properly looked after, the products perform well for many years.

The storagethe pot lid

There is usually little space in the kitchen. Since it is good to know that the pot lid not only in the closetkeep it, but also on the wall. For an open shelfbe mounted on the kitchen wall, on which the lids can be placed next to or behind each other. Immediately there is order and the work space provides space for the next preparations. Topfdeckelhalterungen can also be made with a little manual skill.

Build the pot lid yourself

Of course, the pot lid can also be produced by yourself. There are various building instructions available on the internet for this. The starting material is old serving or glass plates from the flea market. Coffee cup bottom plates fulfill the same purpose, but these are usually slightly curved. With an electric sawand with the help of a template, the shape of the new pot lid is cut and the cut surfaces are then deburred. To hold the lid, a small metal handle is attached to the surface. The glue used is metal glue. The handle can also be soldered on suitable material.

Pot lid with matching pot as a gift idea

Especially young families, spouses, students and trainees are sure to enjoy a high quality pot lid. Especially with these target groups the budget is often small and the demand for good kitchen appliances is great. To complete the gift, a matching pot should be added.

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