10 Best salad bowl of 2019

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Salad Bowl Guide

How many salad bowls does a hobby chef need?

Presumably, there is no answer to this question, because every housewife and every houseman has his own ideas of a well-equipped kitchen. But on closer inspection, it quickly turns out that you can never have too many salad bowls ready. Salads are generally popular. No matter if you want to pamper your loved ones with a light meal in the evening or if you are invited to a barbecue with friends – salads are always well received.

The fact that salads are so popular is not least due to the fact that the imagination in the compilation of delicious salads are virtually unlimited and that the preparation takes relatively little time. If the individual ingredients are snipped and the dressing or marinade is prepared, everything has to be done in the right one salad bowl to be mixed. Now the salad needs only a little time to pull through and already a full meal is on the table. If you love salads, it will not hurt to stock a selection of salad bowls in the kitchen cabinet. Then you are always well prepared, for example, when an invitation to the party flutters into the house or surprise guests register.

Bowls in different sizes

If you decide on a bowl set, you can bring your salads to the table or the buffet in a particularly stylish way. Then you have bowls in different sizes and on the blackboard automatically creates a harmonious picture, because everything fits together perfectly. In addition, such a bowl set can be stowed space saving in the kitchen or dining room cabinet, because the individual bowls are stacked after rinsing each other.

For example, if you need to be a student on a budget, you should start with a bigger one salad bowl purchase. If a flat share party rises, many guests can be served well with a colorful vegetable, potato or pasta salad. You want to celebrate your birthday with friends? Maybe you can express a wish. Then just ask your dear guests for a nice one salad bowl with content – then you will soon be well equipped.

Rustic or festive? Each material has its special advantages

The variety of salad bowls is as colorful and diverse as the salad recipes. The span ranges from the practical stainless steel bowlto fine porcelain. The latter, however, should be reserved for the festive table, because at a boisterous party the valuable piece could easily break. Stainless steel bowls are ideal for preparing salads. The high-quality material is indestructible and is completely harmless from the point of view of food chemists. However, if you suffer from a nickel allergy, you should make sure that no tarnished or matt spots are visible on the surface. From such bowls metal ions could pass into the lettuce and provoke allergic reactions in sensitive persons. Highly recommended are also beautifully shaped salad bowls made of glass. They bring a salad to perfection and make on every buffet a good figure.

You might like these salad bowls

Simply and beautifully beautiful comes the ‚Keep’n’Bowl‘ from Luminarc. This bowl has a volume of 4.8 liters, so it can be used when several hungry guests are expected. A matching lid ensures that the bowl contents in the fridgeis reliably protected from drying out.

Who wants to entertain a lot of guests and a robust salad bowl is looking for, the stainless steel bowl „Blanda Blank“ by Ikea should take a closer look. The bowl holds more than 10 liters and has a diameter of 36 cm. The round shape makes mixing the salad easy. A flattened floor ensures a secure footing.

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