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Salt Mill Guide

As salt mill is called an electromechanical or mechanical kitchen utensil, with which coarse salt or sea salt is ground. Salt mills are used both in catering establishments and in private households. Rock salt, for example, can not be ground when ground and is therefore sold in rough pieces. The amount needed for seasoning is with the salt mill ground. A salt mill consists of a grinder with integrated adjusting device. By means of the adjusting device, the desired degree of grinding of the salt can be adjusted. Most of the grinders used to load the spice mills are made of plastic. Metal grinders, however, are rather unsuitable for salt mills, as they are attacked and damaged by the high aggressiveness of the salt. The grinder is integrated in a decorative housing made of glass, plastic, stainless steel or wood.

Salt mills and pepper mills are an integral part of tableware today. Compared to a conventional salt spreader salt mills have the advantage that they can not clog. A special added value is provided by salt mills, where different degrees of grinding can be set. For seasoning certain foods, such as grilled meats or hearty fried potatoes, a coarser grain size is an advantage. In general, the finer the salt is ground, the lower the amount needed for seasoning.

Important criteria for choosing the appropriate salt mill

Important criteria to consider when choosing a salt mill must be taken into account are the grinder, the ability to set the desired grinding degree, the quality of processing and convenient operation. The wood of a salt mill must be firm and built-Mettallkomponenten must be robust and necessarily stainless. For people who do not have that much power in their wrists, an electric salt mill is recommended. This takes over the grinding by pressing a button fully automatically and quickly, without the use of physical strength. The desired degree of grinding can be adjusted in these models by means of a rotary wheel.

The grinder is the most important component of a salt mill. It is crucial for a high degree of flavor development. Since metal and stainless steel strongly attract the moisture contained in the salt, that is riskin that the grinder picks up rust over time. The grinder should ideally be made of titanium or plastic. A spice mill, with which both salt and pepper are to be ground, must necessarily with a ceramic grinder, such as the model Foneso 2 in 1 salt mill & pepper millSet, stainless steel salt mill can be equipped, since only a ceramic milling machine is able to grind both salt and pepper.

It should continue to select a product that can be disassembled to clean the grinder. For cleaning, a hard brush or water should be used. For metal grinders, it is important to ensure that it is completely dry before re-inserting and assembling. Tip: Add the cleaned grinder to the heater for about 60 minutes.

Various designs of salt mills

Salt mills are available as hand mills and as electric spice mills. They can be purchased individually or as a set with an additional pepper mill. Hand mills are cheaper than electric mills but require power in the wrists to grind the salt. Since high-quality hand mills, such as the model Cole & Mason HA0825P Beech capstan, A8 salt mill 200 mm, beech nature usually no plastic used for manufacturing, they can usually be used for a lifetime.

Electrically operated salt mills, for example the model Peugeot salt mill ALASKA electric 17cm white, offer the user maximum comfort. They are usually equipped with a rotary knob, with which the desired grain size of the salt can be regulated. The majority of the electric models are also equipped with an LED light, so that when seasoning the amount is clearly visible to avoid salting the food. The life span of electric spice mills is lower than that of hand mills, moreover they need to be operated batteries, resulting in follow-up costs. Since the grinding process is initiated at the push of a button, no use of force is required, so that these kitchen helpers offer a high level of comfort.

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