10 Best Schneider ruler of 2019

  • Publisher: BOYE6
  • Hardcover: 318 pages
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Elsie M. Campbell
  • Publisher: Good Books
  • Brunnen Colour Code Ruler, 15 cm, for right and left-handed...
  • Item name: ruler
  • Tracing edge design: double sided
  • Material: polystyrene
  • Brunnen Colour Code Ruler, 15 cm, for right and left-handed...
  • Item Name: Ruler
  • Colour: Beech
  • Material: Wood
  • Product Type: 3 tiers (3 sizes)
  • Item Name: piece of cake template
  • Product Type: Colour Code
  • Product Name: Bag hole punch
  • Colour: Purple
  • Timothy Snyder
  • Publisher: Tim Duggan Books
  • Publisher: BOYE6
  • Hardcover: 318 pages

Schneider ruler guide

Clothes to tailor yourself is in. More and more frequently, hobby cutters and hobby cutters resort to needle and thread to produce their own garments. The making of patchwork quilts and other handicrafts is more and more on the rise. The biggest problem with sewing is the correct marking and cutting of fabrics. Help offers here Schneider ruler which, unlike a normal household ruler, is characterized by a few extras.

What is it for? Schneider ruler needed?

For people who enjoy sewing is one Schneider ruler an indispensable utensil. Not only can you mark and cut long pieces of fabric straight away, but also curves for sleeves, legs and neck. For patchwork works is a Schneider ruler Also ideal, because it allows the individual pieces to tailor fit. The best-known brand manufacturers are Prym, Wedo, Rumo and Wintex. Unlike a normal ruler, which is found in almost every household, tailor rulers are much longer. Most of them have a length of 50 or 60 centimeters. They are usually wider with 15 to 25 centimeters than other rulers. In addition, they are provided with various markings, such as a centimeter scale. It is very useful if this scale is mounted on the top and bottom.

Schneider rulers for flawless cutting

While simple rulers are made of thin plastic or wood, models for tailoring are made of hard, inflexible plastic. Often they have a cutting edge made of metal, on which a cut can be carried out with a rolling knife or a cutter. Rubber pads on the underside prevent the ruler from slipping when marking or cutting. In addition to normal straight cutting rulers, which can be used to make straight cuts, there are also models with corresponding curves for sleeve and leg cut-outs and a triangle. The triangle can be used to mark right angles without adding to the Schneider ruler another triangle rulermust be used. For tailoring outerwear for jackets, blouses, shirts and dresses, there are special tailoring rulers that have buttonholes recesses. This means that all drawing work can be done in one operation without the ruler having to be re-set or an additional device being required. Specially good results are made of plastic, which are slightly tinted, because it can read the numbers better. Alternatively, multicolored cutting rulers facilitate the cutting of fabrics. Of course, not only can you mark and cut fabrics with a ruler for tailoring. Even for people who like to tinker or work with paper, these special rulers are a commendable purchase.

Purchase criteria for Cutter Rulers

Tailors rulers are more expensive than regular rulers because of better features and durability. To make the purchase worthwhile, the buyer should like to sew and often. When buying some points play an important role. The cutter ruler should not be too short. If the ruler has to be re-applied more often when measuring, errors quickly slip in, because the material slips or the ruler is not correctly set. The material of the ruler should be as high quality as possible. For one, it is then more resilient and does not break so fast. On the other hand, this prevents the cutter from cutting into the ruler with the cutter or rotary knife. Good service is afforded by models equipped with a metal rail. If you frequently use very smooth, slippery fabrics, it is best to opt for a cutting rule with a rubber coating. The rubber holds the fabric so that it does not warp when cutting or marking. The numbers must be easy to read, it is ideal if they are printed on both sides of the ruler. For experienced hobby cutters, Schneider rulers are worthwhile, which at the same time serve as cutter triangle and cutter angle.

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