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Sewing machine needle guide

The sewing machine needle is the technical advancement of all known sewing needle for the sewing machine, The requirements for this needle are extremely large. Nowadays, industrial sewing machines can handle 10,000 stitches per minute. During this time, the thread must pass through the eye of the needle and the textiles, which are connected to each other, be pushed through. This requires high precision in the production of sewing machine needle , as well as high demands on their external shape and their materials. Only then can optimal sewing results be delivered.

There are the following sewing machine needles:

1. sewing machine needle for the mechanical hand seam:
This has at each end a needle tip and has the needle eye in the middle. With the help of two machine tongs, it is pushed through the sewing material.
2. Hook needles:
These are produced without any tongue and are suitable for special machines and decorative stitching machines.
3. Curved needles:
These are used for pikier and blind stitch machines, but also for staplers. Their design can also be found in part at Sackzunähmaschinen and Überwendlichmaschinen.
4. Straight needle:
This is the most common and most used sewing machine needle ,

How is a straight sewing machine needle built up?

1st piston:
Thus, the sewing machine needle is fixed in the needle holder of the needle bar of the sewing machine. There are needles with flat pistons, round-bottomed flasks and pistons, which have the same thickness as the shaft. In the manual of the sewing machine is usually specified with which sewing machine needle fits.
2nd diameter:
This is measured in the cylindrical part above the groove. The diameter of the piston becomes larger. This prevents, inter alia, a flutter of the sewing machine needle at high speed. At the same time, the puncture hole is enlarged. The fact that the friction is additionally reduced, the sewing machine needle can not heat up.
3. Long thread trough:
This guides and protects the thread on the threading side. However, it not only guides the thread smoothly through the fabric, but also allows its movement during loop enlargement.
4th bottleneck:
Since the thread movement leads longitudinally through the needle, the needle eye has an elongated shape. It is in contrast to the hand needle at the tip of the needle. Its smooth polish prevents roughening and tearing of the thread.
5. Coving:
This is just above the eye of the needle and should give the hook tip more space. This should facilitate the gripping of the upper thread. It forms the graba noose and puts it around the bobbin thread. While pulling up, the sling is tightened.
6. Needle tip:
This pushes the threads of the fabric to the side so to come through the fabric. The needle tip acts as an awl for very dense fabrics. It cuts through the fabric, creating a small hole. At the needle tips there are the cutting tips and the round tips.
The cutting tips are used for the processing of films, leather, coated and laminated textiles. Depending on the shape and position of the cutting edge they are called triangular point, pearl point or point of the spade.
Round tips in turn are versatile and are available in different strengths. The more pointed round tips are suitable for fine-grained, dense tissue, blunt round tips for button sewing machines and the ball tips for sensitive fabrics.

needle names

The usual two types of needle for household sewing machines are System 287 WH (round bottom flask = 1738 A) and System 130/705 H (flat flask). The latter is the most widespread. The sewing machine needles are usually coded with colors on the upper part of the needle. If this is not the case, it is a jersey needle or a universal needle. The thickness of the needle is given in 1/100 mm. Thus, e.g. 50 = 0.5 mm or 80 = 0.8 mm. In the USA this is indicated with two numbers, the first number after the outdated Singer standard and the second after NM standard 1/100 millimeters. The needle eye normally has a width of 40% of the diameter. If a sewing machine needle has a diameter of 1 mm, the width of the needle eye is 0.4 mm.

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