10 Best Square rubbing of 2019

  • Premium full-grain leather upper with six-row stitch...
  • Goodyear welt
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  • Premium full-grain leather upper with six-row stitch...
  • Goodyear welt
  • Self-cleaning, non-tracking outsole tread design
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  • Four-row stitch pattern, full grain leather foot and upper
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  • Wide Square Toe Profile
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Square drive guidebook

Square grind – the Allrouder among the kitchen graters

There are many different forms of kitchen rubbing, like the mandolin, the nutmeg grater, the Truffle Grater or the ginger grater. A very popular variant is the Vierkantreibe. It has four sides, each with different openings on the friction surface. For example, it can be used to cut foods into tasty strips, slices or flakes. Likewise, potato and other vegetables can be prepared with a wave cut. The resulting ingredients generally make a beautiful eye-catcher in every dish. A square grater succeeds in grating and planing ingredients. Without the hassle of having to cut everything individually with a kitchen knife, every chef – be it hobby or professional – can quickly conjure up sizable and delicious ingredients. The big advantage of a Viekantreiben is the tower-like design. On the outside there are different rubbing surfaces and in the middle the cut vegetables can be caught within the four sides of the tower. Some graters make it possible to collect the vegetables directly in this container through an integrated collection container. With the associated lid is the storageeasy to realize.

Kitchen grind – traditional and useful

With a graterIt succeeds quickly and easily to chop up even larger quantities of food. With a regular kitchen knife, this work is also feasible, but it is in this way a time-consuming and annoying work. Therefore, rubbing was used by people early on to chop up food. Already in the 9th century BC, people used kitchen grinders. This was confirmed as archaeologists found during excavations in the area of ​​Greece and Italy kitchen rubbing. They were found as grave goods of the wealthy in connection with other kitchen utensils. The archaeologists suspect that with these early models of kitchen graters may have been grated food such as cheese and spices or medicines. These early findings indicate that humans have long known the benefits of rubbing. Since the grave goods were found in wealthy people of this time, this suggests that kitchen rubbing was at that time intended only for the better off.

Square grind – The eye eats with

Not only the taste can develop better with shredded vegetables, it also tastes better for children. Everyone knows how important healthy food is for us humans. Especially children are rarely convincing. With
In addition to being healthy and appealing to children, nutritionally aware parents are more likely to convince their children to eat vegetables. With a square grater and a Garnierset happy, child-friendly and tasty meals can arise. For cakes, for example, carrots or potatoes can be added as healthier ingredients with a square grater, without seriously altering the taste or texture of the cake. For all adults who want to eat more vegetables, it is better with the help of a Vierkantreibe to create a delicious dish from the vegetables. A delicious salad can be easily and quickly spread with a dressing to your own taste. To make a potato pancake or omelette healthier with vegetables, the Vierkantreibe is the optimal kitchen helper. Just mix the eggs with the other ingredients and the grated vegetables and prepare as usual. This is how a delicious omelet with healthy additions succeeds. Most people even find that the food tastes better with crisp and fresh vegetables.

Vierkantreibe – the magical kitchen aid for delicious dishes

The food to be minced is cut by moving it over the rasp surface through the sharp opening into the respective shape. The result is quick and easy wave vegetables, wafer-thin potato slices or julienne. For safety, finger protection can be used. This often allows the vegetables to be processed with less residue than would be possible without finger protection and safety. Some experienced cooks may not need finger protection but for inexperienced cooks it is usually beneficial. Spices can be finely ground with a square grater. Who has no special grater for nutmeg, can nutmegalso finely chop with a suitable square grater. Depending on the taste and the respective internal sizes of the sides of the square grater, even cheese can be processed quickly and easily. This succeeds in delicious dishes such as pasta with cheese or pizza.

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