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Vegetable pot guidebook

Carrots, potatoes or peppers? Today there are many different types of vegetables that must not be missing on any menu. After all, vegetables are not only incredibly delicious, but also very healthy. However, the preparation of vegetables can usually be a small show of strength, because only a few minutes not paid attention and already the ingredients are burned or totally overcooked. Remedy creates a Stockpot which exists today in different forms.

What is a vegetable pot?

As the name suggests, it is a pot that specializes in the preparation of vegetables. Surely you can prepare other types of ingredients in it, but especially for vegetables, the model is perfect. The peculiarity of the pot is the coating, because it prevents the burning or cooking of vegetables. At the same time, this special coating ensures excellent heat distribution, so that it can not happen that vegetable pieces are even on the ground, while further up the pieces are still very hard. In addition, it works with a high-quality floor, which can be used on all types of stoves. This is not only responsible for the heat distribution, but also feeds it for a long time. For this reason, you can prepare your vegetables at low temperatures without using a lot of energy.

The lid – An important point

Especially the lid of one Stockpot you should take a closer look. Most manufacturers work with one glass lidBecause that way you can see without opening the lid how it is ordered to your vegetables. This is especially important because it prevents heat from escaping and your vegetables are cooked evenly. It is interesting that various manufacturers also work with a steam insert. This means that the lid is not completely set on the pot, but this is a little over. Thanks to small holes in the lid side heat can escape, for example, the water overcooked. In addition, it makes sense if the lid or the pot provide a recess for pouring. After all, most vegetables are prepared in a little water or broth, so you can easily and quickly drain them afterwards.

Little helpers for the enjoyment of vegetables

Today’s vegetable pots are increasingly becoming multifunctional favorites of the kitchen. That’s why many manufacturers rely on a steam insert. You can place this directly in the pot, whereupon vegetables will find a place. Thanks to water in the lower part of the pot, the vegetables can be gently steamed. Important in such vegetable pots is only that you pay attention that the boiling water can evaporate. Therefore, there should be a vent on the lid so that it does not collect too much condensation. Especially for very sensitive vegetables such a pot is the right solution, but also if you want a healthy preparation. Otherwise, the handles are an important point. It is best if they are isolated, so you can dump the vegetables directly after cooking. To prevent over-cooking or over-cooking.

The care of one Stockpot

After use, you should clean the pot directly, because especially very soft cooked vegetables will settle on the ground otherwise. For stuck food, it is important that you do not use steel wool or sand-based abrasives, as these can destroy the pot and its properties. Lime-laden water or certain foods, such as potatoes, can cause unsightly stains. These must be eliminated at regular intervals. Although there are professional care products in the trade, but usually some vinegar water is completely sufficient. Before the next use, it is only important that the pot is completely free of detergents or the like, because you would taste the later vegetables.

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