10 Best tire marker of 2019

  • Marks on wet or dry surfaces,glass, rubber, wood, iron,...
  • Mark your tire's Raised letters and mark your racing tires...
  • -LONG LASTING ; Motorcycle Tire Marker Paint Pen, Suitable...
  • Long-Lasting, Weather, Water, And Uv-Resistant Markers
  • Work On Glass, Plastic, Rubber, And Metal
  • Perfect For Indicating Tire Stagger
  • Ideal for temporary marking on many surfaces, including...
  • Marks easily on wet or cold surfaces
  • Lead-free, zinc-free; brighter, smear-resistant colors
  • Marks on wet or dry surfaces,glass, rubber, wood, iron,...
  • Mark your tire's Raised letters and mark your racing tires...
  • -LONG LASTING ; Motorcycle Tire Marker Paint Pen, Suitable...
  • White Tire Marking Crayon (12 per Box)
  • TI213-12
  • Oil-based Paint Marker from Sharpie
  • Quick drying, low odor, and non-toxic.
  • 3 Markers
  • MULTI-USE - Ideal for a wide range of uses including tire...
  • CONTAINS NO LEAD - Crayons contain no lead or zinc compounds
  • WRITE ON VARIOUS SURFACES - Excellent for use on wet, dry,...
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Motorcycle Tire Marker Paint Pen, it is Plastic
  • Suitable for all types of tires and Comfortably to use.
  • Real lead-free paint in stick form
  • Combines long-lasting durability of paint with the...
  • Weather-resistant, UV-resistant
  • ❤☺PERMANENT MARKER PEN: The paint marker uses imported...
  • ❤☺PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: the marker pen is spacious,...
  • ❤☺WIDE RANGE OF USES: suitable for any smooth surface...

Tire marker guide

Tire markers are needed to permanently mark new or used tires as well as certain rubber parts. Useful is a tire marker when changing from summer to winter tiresor the other way around. Even with the storage of large amounts of tires is a tire marker a good help. Just as when repairing the whitewall tires or when the lettering on motorcycle tires must be tightened.

For this example, the Edding 8050 is suitable tire marker , It is resistant to light and water and able to cover well even on dark surfaces. The marker should be shaken briefly before first use. Thereafter, the round tip should first be pressed onto a piece of paper or cardboard until paint emerges from the tip. Now he can tire marker to be used. The line width of the Edding 8050 in the color white is approximately 2 to 4 millimeters. The marker is low odor and writes with a varnish-like and permanently covering pigmented ink. The shaft material of the marker is made of aluminum. Due to the paint-like, permanently covering ink is the tire marker Edding 8050 especially for marking and marking tires and rubber surfaces. With a tire marker confusion when changing tires can be avoided.

Another tire pin is the motorcycle car roller pen of the brand Keiti. It is available in yellow, silver, white and red. With this pin, motorcycles can be cost-effectively provided with a Moto GP styling.

The tire pin of the manufacturer Car and Tuning is particularly colorful and waterproof. It can be used to label tires of cars and motorcycles, maintain or color. The content is 12 milliliters. This tire marker is available in the colors black, white, blue, silver, yellow and red.

The brand LYRA also offers a tire marker in the form of yellow and white tire chalk.

With the special tire marker UNIVERSAL in white, winter and summer tires are characterized in a practical way. The pen is suitable for dark materials that are non-porous. These include tires or rubber parts, cables, x-rays, metal parts, DVDs and CDs, glass, foils, plastic parts, ceramics, etc. The marker is heat and light-resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius and resistant to abrasion and water. Its line width is between 1 to 3 millimeters. Before each use the marker should be shaken well. Again, before the first use, the tip must be pressed on a piece of cardboard or paper until the ink appears. This can take between 15 and 45 seconds. The marker should be resealed after each use.

The company niceEshop offers the permanent marker for car tires, the Tire metal paint pen in white. The pen itself is made of plastic. He has a length of 14.5 cm and a weight of 19 grams. Before use, the marker should be shaken for about 30 seconds. The ink dries very fast and is waterproof. With this tire marker intensive and permanent markings are possible.

Mark tires with valve caps

Tires can also be marked with valve caps. Like the 8-piece Ultimate Speed ​​set. The 8 valve caps have a tire marker function, that is, they are printed with the tire position indication and provided with a screw thread. They are a handy help when changing tires. There will be two complete sets for winter and winter summer tiresoffered, which are suitable for all cars.

When changing to summer or winter tires, tires should always be returned to the position on the vehicle where they were before the last change. With the tire marker function of the valve caps, the last position can not be forgotten.

Another wheel marking system is offered by the company dual optimax 3000 with the 8-piece tire valve cap set. These caps also fit on all tire profiles and support the tire change with the help of the tire marking in an ideal way. The valves have a screw thread. The scope of delivery includes 4 valve caps for summer tires and 4 valve caps for winter tires. These caps replace the original valve caps of the vehicle. The valve caps are made of black plastic and are suitable for valves on cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

The timtina Radmerkerset also contains 8 valve caps for tire marking. Again, the normal valve caps can be replaced. The wheel markers are made of sturdy, UV-resistant plastic and are resistant to frost and salt. They can be mounted on the tire throughout the year. The threads are suitable for car tireavailable.

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