10 Best WC cleaner of 2019

  • Flicker Alley (08/19/2014)
  • Blu-ray, NR (Not Rated)
  • Running time: 1005 minutes
  • TOILET BOWL CLEANER: Clean, deodorize and remove dirt and...
  • DISINFECT: Powerful clinging gel in a non abrasive, thick...
  • BLEACH TOILET CLEANER: This toilet cleaning gel variety pack...
  • Powers through toughest toilet stains in seconds
  • Destroys toilet bowl rings
  • The angled bottle targets hard-to-reach areas
  • Hard water toilet stain-dissolving power
  • Thick formula coats the entire toilet bowl
  • Specially formulated to destroy hard water stains in your...
  • Product of Clorox
  • Pack of 3
  • TOILET BOWL CLEANER: Clean and disinfect with Clorox Toilet...
  • DISINFECT: Powerful clinging gel destroys tough stains and...
  • BLEACH TOILET CLEANER: This toilet cleaning gel with bleach...
  • Freshens and cleans the toilet bowl with every flush
  • 6 lavender fragrance toilet gel stamps included
  • Use the dispenser to stamp toilet cleaning gel inside toilet...
  • 2 Refill Pouches
  • Powerful bleach-based formula
  • No hard scrubbing
  • Producciones AR
  • MP3 Music
  • Flicker Alley (08/19/2014)
  • Blu-ray, NR (Not Rated)
  • Running time: 1005 minutes

Toilet cleaner guide

During daily use, the toilet creates dirt and odor that can be removed with a wide variety of cleaners. Whether human beings rely on biological perfect remedies or get the full force of chemistry into their home, the most varied substances will always ensure that a look into the world is made Toiletpure cleanliness can show. Many promise cleaning without scrubbing and great effort, but they often do WC cleaner which still require the use of a brush.

Toilet cleaner – there are bottles with unusual shapes

Through its shape, the toilet is always the haven of urine stone and other contaminants when the cleaner can look under the edge. modern WC cleaner That’s why they have the popular duck neck, so you can hold the bottle so that the liquid can spray directly under the edge. Who one WC cleaner Buying today, it should always stow this well and safely, because the color joy has in the design of bottles the disadvantage that small children will like to grasp it, because the exterior does not suggest the dangerous content. Since toddlers can not read yet, they do not have the advantage that they can know directly from the label on the bottle that there is a deadly poison here. As content in the WC cleaner The customer can choose a liquid that runs down quickly when injected into the toilet. But there is also WC cleaner which stay longer as a gel on the upper surfaces of the toilet and can have a longer effect. Today, we are happy to use toilet cleaners that have an antibacterial effect. But the expert refuses these toilet cleaners because they are bad for the environment.

Toilet cleaner – always pay attention to the label

Many toilet cleaners come with warning labels, which the user should also pay attention to, so that the use does not cause damage to health. The lime in the toilet bowl is repeatedly fought with means that attract attention by an unusually sharp smell and whose inhalation should be better avoided. If heavily soiled, the exposure time should be prolonged, so that the often very stubborn soiling in the Toilet keycan be solved. In recent years, environmentally conscious buyers are increasingly looking at the ingredients and remember that they can be difficult to filter out in the next sewage treatment plant. Even home remedies like vinegaror lemon juice come back into fashion, considering that they do not pollute the environment and the water. Who today informed about toilet cleaner, who will learn that in tests above all the cheap funds were rated with good grades. Cleansing foam, tabs or scouring powder, there is the toilet cleaner in numerous forms, but the gel cleaner enjoys great popularity. Whoever wants to use the best cleaning power, will place a cleaning rod in the toilet bowl. Now, with each rinse water runs over the tabs and so a part of the tab is activated and at each Klogang also the cleaning is set in motion at the same time. There are numerous toilet cleaners available, but those who think that a more expensive cleaner will perform better will be surprised that the low-cost perform better.

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