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  • 15 gauge (1.8mm) carbon steel, commercial grade. Original...
  • Traditional chinese wok pan with round bottom: not suitable...
  • Hand hammered by Chinese professionals in Guangzhou. This...
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  • Cuisinart
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  • T-fal
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  • Lodge
  • Kitchen
  • Heavy gauge aluminum in black
  • Durable and dishwasher safe
  • Non-stick interior and exterior for easy cooking
  • OXO Cookware
  • Kitchen
  • 15 gauge (1.8mm) carbon steel, commercial grade. Original...
  • Traditional chinese wok pan with round bottom: not suitable...
  • Hand hammered by Chinese professionals in Guangzhou. This...
  • Kitchen

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Originally from the Asian region wok meanwhile, it has become impossible to imagine European cuisine without it. This is not surprising, as it allows a fast, healthy and low-calorie preparation. However, there are a few things to consider before buying a wok.

wok – General

The first wok was invented in China. However, it was made of clay and had the characteristic hemispherical bottom with high, outwardly inclined walls. Over time, its application spread over the whole of Asia, as such a construction made possible an optimal heat distribution and a quick cooking as well as the absorption of a large amount of roast food. Here was the wok but already made of steel. Originally the wok its use exclusively in peasant kitchens and presented outdoors the best way to conjure up the meal in a short time with little fuel. Even today, the finds wok its use on both petrol and wood filled petrol casks, as well as in homes, restaurants and takeaways – throughout the world. Even in modern hotel kitchens, the wok is often used on induction stoves or gas stoves.

The functional principle of food preparation in wok

The wok requires a specific preparation method. This is based on the fact that, depending on the necessary cooking time, the respective ingredients are added one after the other to the wok, provided they have been cut into pieces of equal size.
Compared to the western pans, there is no difference between the bottom and the wall, as the whole vessel consists of one part. The content of the wok is fried on a constant flame, with the ingredients often being turned. It is only allowed to use oils that can withstand such high heat (soybean oil, peanut oilEtc.). Overall, a wok allows a quick food preparation, as well as the wall is heated. Pre-cooked meals are simply pushed to the edge for further cooking.

Non-stick coating of the wok

Most woks offered in Europe have a non-stick coating. This is not the case with the Asian woks. This is because they could not withstand the heat developed by Asian hotplates. In addition, the Asian woks are „baked“ before first use, or heated to about 300 ° C and rubbed with oil (e.g., peanut oil). The regular oiling of such a wok prevents rusting. However, woks with a non-stick coating are preferred in western kitchens.

Traditional woks

Today’s woks are no longer made of steel, but of cast iron, as this material is the most compatible with the cooking method. However, some woks are made of sheet steel, stainless steel or even aluminum. The high quality models are handmade with the hammerwhile the simple models are pressed or pulled from sheet steel. The diameter of these woks is between 30 cm to over one meter. Traditionally, woks were used on open top wood or coal stoves. They were placed on the opening and heated with little fuel. In this way, most of the heat in the center was created, so that the desired temperature range could be selected by moving the food between the center and the edge.

Modern versions of the wok

The modern woks are available in different materials and designs. So you can choose between a wok with handle or with two handles, and one with a handle and a handle. The prices range from approx. 15 euros up to several hundred euros, depending on production costs and material. The most affordable models include aluminum or sheet steel models. The most expensive models are from brand manufacturers such as Skeppshult, Fissler, Le Creuset, Silit u. a.

Tips before buying

Before buying a wok, you have to think about which one stovethis should be used. If you want to stick to the classic traditional use of the wok, you should buy a wok in hemisphere shape. However, these do not work on flat hotplates, but only on a special wok burner or on the gas cooker,
The owner of an electric cooker must resort to a flattened wok, also known as a wok pan. However, such a wok does not provide the same heat distribution as a wok in a hemisphere shape, so that with this classic-traditional preparation is not possible.
It must also be remembered that there is a difference between the wok herds in Asia and the herds that are common in Europe. The Asian herds have a power of 5 to 10 KW, while the power of the western herd does not exceed 3.6 kW. So warmed up electric stovejust the bottom of a wok and not the walls.
The European herds are therefore mostly woks with anti-coating used. However, if you are looking for a wok or a wok pan that can get hot very quickly, you should simply grab a steel model, as the thin material allows rapid heating. The disadvantage of such wok, however, is that it bulges with time and is no longer flat.
The models of cast iron take longer to be heated, as they are thicker and heavier. However, these must be „burned in“ both before first use, and from time to time to be protected from rust.
The stainless versions are models made of stainless steel. In addition, these woks are lighter and easier to clean. With them, however, such a high heat is not reached.

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