10 Best Workshop oven of 2019

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Workshop oven advisor

On Workshop oven represents the optimal choice, if the fun in the workshop or in the hobby room is to be maintained even during the cold winter months. Because this ensures that every room is heated quickly and reliably. The workshop stoves are otherwise versatile and very practical. Therefore, it is not surprising that these are very popular.

Workshop oven – General

Unlike an ordinary heating system, which requires hours of waiting for the workshop to reach the comfortable room temperature, the Workshop oven for the fact that the workshop is heated up within a short time. This is made with wood briquettes, with coal or with the commercial ones briquettesheated. The resulting smoke is discharged through a pipe to the outside. The best thing about one Workshop oven However, the fact is that thanks to this the workshop also keeps the night above a minimum temperature. For large rooms are the so-called workshop ovens, which work with air circulation.
The workshop stoves usually have a slightly higher purchase price, which, however, is worthwhile for a longer period of time, since a Workshop oven Saves costs and is quite durable.

Workshop oven types

Most workshop furnaces are made of cast iron or steel. Many of the available models are themselves designed for a 24 hour operation. These hot air ovens are used as kitchen ovens. In addition, they are also used in warehouses, in agriculture or in a nursery.
Some models have a viewing window, which can be quite handy. In addition, there are oven models which are equipped with sides made of heat-storing material, e.g. from pottery, soapstone or stoneware.
The so-called all-rounders under the workshop furnaces are ideal for workshops, in which larger amounts of sawdust or wood waste arise. Because sawdust can easily be pressed into wood briquettes and then burned. There is also a special one Workshop oven for sawdust.
There are also workshop stoves, which are water-led. It is about Stovesin which the central heating is supplied with warm water. However, such a stove is not always easy to find. In this type of workshop furnace is dispensed fossil Brennamterialien. The most important feature and, at the same time, the biggest advantage of a water-bearing stove is the fact that the operation relieves the main heating. Because with this oven, it is possible to feed the resulting heat into the heating and hot water system of the house.

Planning and installation of the workshop furnace

For the planning and installation of the workshop furnace, the responsible chimney sweep should always be switched on. Because this later approved the fireplace. He also provides a useful and good guide to the purchase and installation of the furnace dar. Without the agreement with the chimney sweep otherwise under certain circumstances the insurance risk.

Noteworthy before buying

Before deciding which workshop furnace is the best choice for your needs, you should be aware of the size of the space in which it must be used. Because the room size is compared with the heating capacity of the workshop oven. For a workshop with a size of 100 square meters, a workshop oven with a heat output of 5 kw of power is sufficient. The height of the room also plays an important role. In this case, not the heat requirement calculation is decisive, but rather the personal empirical value.
If you do not want to refill wood all the time, you should select a workshop oven that can accommodate larger logs.
It is also very important to ensure that the selected model complies with the emission limits when purchasing the workshop furnace. Because the new guidelines of the Kleinfeuerungsanlagenverordnung (BlmSchV) prescribe certain emission limit values ​​and a minimum efficiency.
Otherwise, you should always get some information about the respective offers before buying. On the Internet, the whole range of available workshop oven offers, including the test reports and the customer reviews are delivered. This facilitates the purchase decision in most cases. In addition to the information available on the Internet, the specialist in the specialist shop can also provide helpful information about the workshop stoves.

Manufacturer of workshop stoves

There are now many manufacturers of workshop stoves. Among the companies that also run shop stoves in their program are companies like Bullerjan, Vlna, Wamsler, Thorma Design or Haas Sohn. The list is of course much longer. If the manufacturer is not necessarily important in the selection, should pay attention to the mentioned important points in the purchase.

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