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Bell counselor

On gong is a musical instrument that originally comes from Asia. There it is beaten at funerals, the classic Peking Opera as well as monks. In Europe, the gong used in classical and popular music. In addition, the serves gong as a sound instrument used in sound therapy and meditation. Also doorbells are called gong if they emit sound when the bell button is pressed.

That’s one gong built up

A gong consists of a round metal plate, which can be flat or curved. It is attached by means of flexible connections vertically to a frame, so that it vibrates freely. The metal used is usually a bronze alloy that has been hammered or rolled. The sound of the gong is created by the player striking the gong disk with a beater in the middle or slightly to the side. The clapper consists of a wooden rod, which is covered at the upper end with wood, felt, plastic or metal. The sound produced by the beating of the gong is an overtone that varies according to the thickness of the material and the curvature of the disc. It vibrates for a long time, but can be shortened by touching the disc. Alternatively, a same tone with a Singing bowlwhich can also be found under the generic term gong.

What is a gong needed for?

The gong plays a particularly important role in Asian music. The Peking Opera is inconceivable without a gong. There are even instruments there, consisting of four consecutive hanging gongs, so-called Gandingans. In European music, gongs are used in both classical and popular music. For classical pieces, a gong with a diameter of at least one meter is used. In the popular area the gong serves as part of the drums. In addition, the gong plays an important role in Asian healing. The sound has a calming effect on the patient. Furthermore, meditations are initiated and terminated. Bells for therapeutic purposes are smaller than musical instruments. They are often only held by one strap with one hand, while the other hand beats the clapper on the gong.

Bell as a doorbell

Often, a particular form of doorbell is called and sold as a gong. This is usually a ringer that sounds a tone equal to a gong tone as soon as the switch is pressed. Unlike other ringtones, the gong is rather quiet and calming. Bells are also often used to call the family to a table or to draw attention to an end of the break or event.

What to pay attention to when buying a gong

Bells are available in countless variations. If they are to be used only for meditation, to calm down in kindergartens and schools or as a therapeutic instrument, models with a diameter of 20 centimeters are sufficient. If the gong is purchased as a musical instrument for home use, the diameter should be at least 30 centimeters, as smaller discs sound rather tinny. For large gongs, the suspension and stand must be strong enough to prevent the disc from falling off. Many gongs are made and imported in Asia. They are commercially available under the name TamTam Bells from Wuhan (China). These models are characterized by a pleasant sound and are much cheaper compared to gongs produced in Europe. However, they often have very sharp edges on the edges of the sound disc. These gongs are not suitable for smaller children because of the risk of injury. The edges can not be masked in any case, as this significantly alters the sound.

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