10 Best Aqua-fitness of 2019

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  • Ideal for cross-training and helping rehabilitate from...
  • Contoured styling for a comfortable fit
  • Includes 48" non-elastic adjustable belt that clips and...
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Aqua Fitness Guide

The term aqua fitness covers all forms of fitness training that take place in the water. The training is possible in both shallow and deep water. There are also exercises with special aqua fitness equipment. But what advantages does the training have in the water? And which special devices are used for Aqua-Fitness? We are happy to give you an overview of this varied way of keeping your body fit and healthy.

Which types of training are available?

Basically, a distinction is made between aqua fitness training in shallow and deep water. In shallow water training, the water surface is located between the navel and the nipple. The optimal depth is approx. 1.20 m. This training can be easily done without equipment, because the speed and intensity of the movements already high water resistance can be achieved.

The training in deep water takes place without ground contact of the feet. This form of training is almost unthinkable without equipment because otherwise the exerciser would primarily fight against going under. The training equipment therefore the athlete over water and increase at the same time by their surface the water resistance.

Aqua-Fitness is now available in numerous versions. In addition to aqua-walking and aqua-jogging, aqua-variants have been developed parallel to classic fitness sports. Aqua-Step, Aqua-Boxing or Aqua-Cycling with underwater bikes are just some of them. If you want to do fitness in the water, you should find out which types of training are available in your area.

What are the benefits of Aqua-Fitness?

Aqua-Fitness uses the physical properties of water and their effect on the human body. Here some examples:

The body weight is reduced in the water to ten percent. This relieves the joints. Spine, tendons and ligaments are spared. This effect is especially noticeable when training in deep water. The lack of ground contact also reduces muscle tension.

Training in the water trains strength and endurance. Water provides up to twelve times more resistance to the body than air. How strong the resistance is, can be regulated by the resistance surface and the speed of the movements. This way the Aqua-Training can be individually adapted to the personal requirements.

The water pressure positively influences the performance of the internal organs. This leads to a stimulation of the metabolism and a strengthening of the cardiovascular system. The training also strengthens the respiratory muscles and provides better blood flow, resulting in a firmer tissue. Women with cellulitis or a weak connective tissue experience positive effects here.

Because Aqua-Fitness can be easily adapted to the individual requirements of the athlete, it is suitable for a very large target group. Thanks to the joint-protecting properties, even people with knee or back problems in the water can exercise without hesitation. However, patients with high blood pressure or heart problems should first consult a doctor to clarify their personal suitability. If the doctor agrees with the training, there is no reason to renounce Aqua Fitness.

Which devices for aqua fitness are there?

Aqua-Fitness distinguishes between buoyancy and resistance devices. Buoyancy devices assist the water in its ability to lighten a body. Above all, they are necessary for training in deep water, so that the exercises are possible in the first place. Resistance devices, however, generate a greater resistance to movement due to their area. They make training more exhausting and thus more effective.

One common device is the aquajogging belt. Attached around the hip, it provides so much lift that the athlete does not go down even without swimming movements. The Aqua Twin is an alternative to beltand at the same time serves as a buoyancy device as well as a resistance device. It is a shoe with a large foam sole. For the legs, the arms and the upper body with pool noodles, Aqua dumbbells, gloves and leg swimmers many devices on the market. It offers different training options. The selection depends on the respective training goal.

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