10 Best Beach Volleyballs of 2019

  • 18 panel, hand sewn expert construction and craftsmanship...
  • Premium microfiber composite leather provides greater...
  • New superior graphics for improved ball spin detection and...
  • Official size and weight
  • Hand stitched all weather microfiber composite cover
  • Official King of the Beach tournament game ball
  • Size 5 volleyball
  • Soft stitched cover
  • Recreational play model
  • Official size and weight beach volleyball
  • Affordable relative to Mikasa's FIVB World Tour and Athens...
  • Three color panel design (blue/yellow/white) helps identify...
  • Premium replica version of the avp official game ball
  • Textured, pebbled synthetic leather cover for enhanced...
  • 18-Panel, machine-sewn construction for optimal shape...
  • Official Outdoor Volleyball of USA Volleyball
  • NORCECA Approved
  • Hand-stitched soft polyurethane cover
  • 1 inch UV coated polypropylene webbing
  • Adjusts exactly from doubles short court (26.25' x 52.50')...
  • 4 plastic spikes with bungee cords and hooks included
  • Size 5 volleyball
  • Soft stitched cover
  • Recreational play model
  • 18 panel machine sewn construction
  • Butyl rubber bladder for air retention
  • Soft play technology
  • Woven-fiber 'V100' composite volleyball
  • Cotton reinforcement to provide a soft and consistent touch
  • Single unit construction

Beachvolleybälle counselor

Summer is the perfect time to play beach volleyball on the beach or on the clay court. Then there are the big tournaments in which teams or individual players compete against each other. Not much is needed for beach volleyball. Except for the clay court and the net, only a good ball has to be available. Beach Volleyballs is available in various designs: for competitions, training or leisure activities.

Beach volleyballs are available in many different models

When you buy a beach volleyball, the purpose plays a major role. Should the ball only be used as a leisure activity or is it needed for official tournaments? The balls differ in size, weight and material. Competition balls must be of a specified size and weight. Otherwise they will not be allowed to play. The specification is: weight 260-280 grams, size 66-68 centimeters. In the trade a tournament beach volleyball has the size 5. Beach Volleyballs for championships are very stable and robust. They bear the seal of approval of the DVV (German Volleyball Association), which is called „DVV-Official“ or „official game ball of the DVV“. Although training balls have the same qualifications, the test seal is missing. They are a little cheaper and suitable for competition training. By the way, will be Beach Volleyballs not pumped up as hard as indoor volleyballs. The ideal air pressure is between 171 and 221 mbar.

Beach volleyballs for leisure

Beach volleyballs for leisure are not standardized. Especially the weight can be much easier. Finally, these balls are used only for recreational pleasure. Even for children there are special designs. They are smaller and not so heavy. The surface is also softer than adult balls. A good beach volleyball has its price. But it is better processed and lasts much longer than models that are very cheap to buy.

The most famous manufacturers for Beach Volleyballs

Unlike football balls, for example, the design can be chosen at will. There are very colorful Beach Volleyballs with motives. Almost always, the name of the manufacturer is clearly visible on the ball. The best-known brand manufacturers are Mikasa, Molten and Wilson, with Wilson playing a more international role. The material used in most cases is soft synthetic leather for the surface. Unlike volleyballs for the hall, beach volley balls are sewn and not glued. That makes them more robust for use in the sand.

Repair beach volleyball and store it properly during the winter

Beach volley balls should be stored properly during the winter and off-hours. The air should not be completely drained. It is also recommended to rub the balls with ballfat to keep the surface supple. A weak point is the valve, which becomes slightly brittle and can then no longer hold the air. It is not easy to replace the valve. Some manufacturers offer the option to take over the repair when the balls are sent in. With an expensive beach volleyball this can be worth it. If the valve is only slightly leaking, it can be repaired with a valve care solution. The beach volleyball will not last forever, but a few months can still play well with it. If the ball leaks elsewhere, it will be inflated and placed in a water bath. This makes it possible to find out whether the leak is located in the ball bladder or the skin of the ball. Then the beach volleyball is patched with special repair material.

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