10 Best bicycle handlebars of 2019

  • Regripping handlebar
  • Materials included
  • North Road style
  • Alloy
  • 21" wide
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Sunlite MTB/City 5in Rise Handlebar Black
  • Weight 1.45 lb. (0.66 kg)
  • Handmade, black steel, mid-rise handlebar for comfort bikes
  • Smooth lines and mid rise for a comfortable riding position
  • 5.25-inch rise; 27-inch wingspan
  • Comes with steel handlebars
  • Handmade bars designed to perfectly support our handmade...
  • Sunlite MTB/City 3.5in Rise Handlebar Black
  • Weight 1.3 lb. (0.59 kg)
  • Model Number HB064BKP
  • This mid-rise handlebar provides smooth lines and pure...
  • Black powder coat 1"(25.4mm) clamp, 5.25" rise, 27" wide
  • Handmade in Maysville, Kentucky
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  • Regripping handlebar
  • Materials included
  • Phil Burt
  • Bloomsbury Sport
  • Kindle Edition

Bicycle handlebars guide

There are many reasons to go cycling. Some do it to keep fit, and are regular with the raceron road. They drive long distances at high speeds and drive regularly, whatever the weather. Other people use the bike rather in the field, have fun to make bumpy dirt roads and unpaved paths of all kinds in the mountains by bike uncertain. Also in all weathers, of course. Then there are the Sunday cyclists, in good weather like to make a trip by bike, because it benefits the fitness and has a positive effect on the mood. The fun factor also plays a role here. And in the end there are more and more people using the bike as a substitute for cars and public transport. You are traveling in everyday life by bike, long as well as short distances, in any weather, but mostly in the city and often with Child seat, Basket or saddlebags on the bike. The wheels of different users look very different, from the tires on the frame to the handlebars. And that’s where the shape really makes the difference.

Straight handlebars or curved handlebars?

Straight handlebars are usually more uncomfortable than offered handlebars, but for sporty city bikes in order. Above all, the extremely narrow shape, which should also fit through the narrow streets and is barely wider than the shoulders of the or the cyclists, falls into this category. However, the wrists and forearms are heavily loaded during prolonged driving, because this handlebar shape invites you to rest on the handlebars. It is more comfortable if you can sit upright and the weight is more on the saddlelies.

Slightly curved handlebars with slightly higher handles allow for a more upright posture, relieving strain on the back and wrists. Anyone who spends a long time on the bike or doing shopping in everyday life, transporting children and the like, will have more fun with this handlebar shape permanently. Dutch bikesCity bikes and many wheels for the older generation are equipped with this handlebar shape for a good reason, but can be screwed on any other wheel.

How wide should the handlebar be?

It has already been mentioned: There are normal, wide and narrow handlebars. The narrower the handlebar, the farther the hands move together at the handles, which can be uncomfortable in the shoulder area. With wide handlebars, which are much wider than the shoulders of those who ride the bike, it can also be uncomfortable. The ideal handlebar is therefore as wide as the shoulder of the cyclist, so that the arms can be kept straight and only slightly inflected.

Nevertheless, mountain bikers prefer handlebar shapes that are slightly wider: The slightly spread arm posture gives more grip and allows a light feathering out of the elbows. The straight or slightly curved handlebar is one to two inches wider than the shoulders. If the handlebars are too wide, more power is needed to be able to drive stably. If the handlebar is too narrow, the chest breathing is restricted. Now you do not have the handlebar width with the tape measuredetermining, trying out is usually better.

The adjustment of handlebar and saddle is just as important as the shape

Even if the handlebar is ideally chosen, long driving can be tiring: If the handlebar is not adjusted correctly in relation to the saddle. Everybody drives differently, is built differently – the bike should really fit, literally. Not only the height of handlebars and saddles, but also the inclination must be adjusted. The distance between handlebar and saddle must be right. And the handles must be comfortable to hold. If she Gripsstraight or ergonomic, is a matter of taste. Ergonomic grips relieve the strain on the wrist and spread the weight over the palms and outer edges. Handles can also be exchanged, and some people swear by the so-called croissants: those who are not bent Race barThe horns can be screwed on the outside and thus have different grip positions available.

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