10 Best Camping Grill of 2019

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  • Perfect Flow Pressure Control System for steady heat, even...
  • Portable grill sets up in seconds
  • East to transport, folds to compact size with large handle...
  • ✔️PRACTICAL DESIGN - Measuring (12 x 6 inches) and...
  • ✔️EXTRA VERSATILE - From open fire cooking a fish...
  • ✔️STAINLESS STEEL - The DRIX Bushcraft Grill from DRIX...
  • Sports
  • Camp Chef
  • Misc.
  • Perfect Flow Pressure Control System for steady heat, even...
  • Portable grill sets up in seconds
  • East to transport, folds to compact size with large handle...
  • Compact, portable BBQ grill ideal for camping, picnics, and...
  • Delivers 8,000 BTUs of cooking power across grilling surface
  • InstaStart push-button ignition for convenient matchless...
  • HEAVY DUTY & PORTABLE: Legs angle out for stability and help...
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The over-the-fire camping grill is...
  • TWO SIZES AVAILABLE: The small heavy duty grill itself...

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Camping barbecue guide

Whether camping, hiking or on the beach – who wants to barbecue on the go, the offers Camping Grill an ecologically sensible alternative to disposable BBQ, Because a special one Camping Grill is not only more environmentally friendly than disposable aluminum grill trays: In addition to a better price-performance ratio, these mobile grills also offer a better cooking result. But what to look for when buying a camping barbecue – and what are the differences?

Camping grills: the main thing is mobile?

Of course, the ease of transport when choosing a camping barbecue is an important criterion. The manufacturers have solved this requirement quite differently. Some barbecues just have a smaller format, but also offers a reduced grill area. More than one or two people will not get enough of these mini barbecues at the same time. More space on the grate is provided by models that fold, fold or can be put together. But beware: Decide on a model that works without additional Toolotherwise you have to carry additional weight on the hike.

Some camping grills are designed so that the accessories can conveniently be stored directly in the folded device. This saves space and facilitates transport. Lid closets with a hinged lid also have the advantage of being able to grill with indirect heat – most portable grills do not offer this option.

Charcoal, gas or electricity?

Which fuel you want to use is a decision that significantly influences the use of your camping grill. Charcoal grills may save space, but are rather impractical for other reasons: the preheating of the coal costs a lot of time, and the ashes can only be disposed of safely after cooling. Many campsites do not allow charcoal grills for these reasons.

Considerably less dirt causes gas Grill, Thanks to the practical and extremely space-saving cartridges, these models are immediately ready for use and heat easily for several hours. Equally clean, fast and safe is an electric grill, which, however, requires a power connection. Who wants to barbecue in the open air, is therefore better served by gas. Another disadvantage of electric grills is that it has less power than a gas grill – so it takes longer for everyone in a large group to be full and satisfied.

Some camping grille models have a specially designed housing that does not get hot in use. These grills can also be used on boats and are perfect for barbecuing with small children. There are also models that come with heat resistant carrier bags. So the grill can be packed right after the meal and taken away.

What should I pay attention to when choosing?

Who is for one Camping Grill interested, will first place emphasis on a low weight and the lowest possible packing dimensions. Especially on hikes, every gram and every centimeter count here. However, make sure that the savings are not at the expense of the required stability. The built barbecue should have a secure footing. It must be possible to shake vigorously at the grate when the grilled food is attached, without this affecting the whole Camping Grill is overturned. Especially with very light models, this is not always the case. Keep in mind that most camping grills get very hot when used and therefore can not be held with the second hand.

Some manufacturers reduce the weight of the camping barbeque by saving on the material. But beware: Too thin sheets tend to warp in heat. So put emphasis on high quality materials and a robust construction that does not lose its shape even under heat. For outdoor barbecues should also a windshieldto be available. This is especially important with charcoal grills, because who wants the embers to fly over the barbecue area with every gust of wind?

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