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Dumbbell counselor

If you want to train strength and endurance in a targeted manner, without spending the same amount of money on expensive exercise equipment, dumbbells are the ideal alternative. In gyms and in some sports club different dumbbells are standard equipment. The range of different dumbbells is large and almost unmanageable. Suitable dumbbells are available for every training purpose and every training progress.

Gym dumbbells with neoprene cover

Neoprene gym weights are indispensable in the course area and in the area of ​​free weight training in fitness studios. The dumbbells developed especially for special gymnastic exercises are available in different colors. Originally, these weights were only available with a maximum weight of 2 to 2.5 kg and were used almost exclusively for gymnastics and aerobics. Meanwhile, the Neoprene gym weights are offered with a single weight of up to 10 kg and generally used in the weight training. The neoprene cover makes the dumbbells very grippy and dampens the noise when weaning the dumbbells on hard floors.

MOVIT offers sets of 2 with neoprene dumbbells in 8 different weights and colors. The dumbbells are available from 0.5 to 2.5 kg in increments of 0.5 kg and with a weight of 3, 4 and 5 kg. Each weight has a different color. The special, star-shaped shape of the dumbbells prevents the pleasantly grippy dumbbells from rolling away.

Dumbbells – the classic for weight training

Dumbbells are for many the next step after Neoprene gymnastics dumbbells. They offer a higher weight and maximum flexibility to perform exercises for specific muscle groups. Recommended are so-called dumbbells, which offer the possibility to vary the weight depending on training progress and to increase step by step. With dumbbells, doing exercises while standing or lying on one weight benchbe stripped off. Even a workout of the leg muscles is possible to a certain extent. Dumbbells are available in low-priced dumbbell sets with two barbell poles and various attachable weight discs.

ScSPORTS offers a 20 kg dumbbellwith two 30 mm short weight bars and a total of 8 weight plates. The set contains 4 x 2.5 kg and 4 x 1.25 kg cast iron weight plates. The scope of delivery includes a practical suitcasemade of sturdy plastic in which all parts of the set can be stowed and transported.

Barbells and curling dumbbells – for increased muscle build-up

Barbells are much longer than dumbbells and are also equipped with weight plates at both ends. The classic barbell bar is quite straight in contrast to the curl dumbbell. The curl dumbbell is bent several times and allows for other weight lifting handles that specifically address and train other muscle groups. With barbells is the typical weight lifting with tearing or bumping possible. Other exercises include squats and chest training. Overall, with barbells a number of different exercises are possible.

MOVIT offers one barbellSet with a total weight of 60.5 kg including chrome-plated rod and 8 weight plates. The barbell is knurled at the handle positions. The set includes weight plates with 2 x 2.0 kg, 2 x 5.0 kg and 4 x 10.0 kg weight. The discs are coated with plastic and protect the floor in the training area.

The weight plates – from easy to very heavy

Weight plates are offered in different versions. The standard are cast iron discs. Rarer are chrome-plated discs. Increasingly popular are gummed or plastic-coated discs in different colors. Sheathed discs are recommended for use in your own home. The relatively soft sheathing dampens the noise when the dumbbells are lowered and protects the floor without the need for a separate exercise mat. The weights of the weight plates start at 0.5 kg and reach up to 40 kg per disc and in the professional field far beyond. Weight plates are offered as stepped sets with several discs.

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