10 Best Floating air mattress of 2019

  • Relax with friends on the giant floating mat
  • New design for optimal comfort keeps you right at the water...
  • Features Intex connect 'N float connectors for use with...
  • 74" x 28"
  • Comfortable built-in inflated pillow
  • Pockets are great to double as cup holders
  • Don't sacrifice comfort out on the water!
  • Full armrests and headrest
  • Cup holder provides a place for your favorite beverage
  • 74" X 28"
  • Clear top, reflective silver bottom
  • 2 air chambers
  • Relax with friends on the giant floating mat
  • New design for optimal comfort keeps you right at the water...
  • Features Intex connect 'N float connectors for use with...
  • Chair like design for added comfort
  • 2 air chambers
  • 2 cup holders
  • A luxurious double-sized beach bed capable of supporting two...
  • 2 Air Chambers
  • Double Drifter Lounge
  • Gift Set Bundle Includes 2 Different Colors of the Intex...
  • Includes 1 Transparent Top with Blue Bottom & 1 Transparent...
  • Both Loungers Have Multi-Colored I Beams and Repair Patches
  • Great for relaxing in the pool!
  • Double sealed edges for adult use
  • This lounge comes in 3 assorted colors...yellow, green or...
  • Huge inflatable queen size double mattress made of high...
  • Recommended for adults. Great for relaxing, lounging, pool...
  • Easy to inflate 1 air chamber. Features french style pockets...

Floating air mattress guide

A Floating air mattress is perfect for slowly drifting across the water and enjoying the sunshine of a beautiful summer day. And also for cheerful splashing, different models are very well suited. But what are the differences and what should be considered when buying? We have put together some tips for you to make the selection easier.

What does one do? air mattressbuoyant?

Air mattresses are made of an airtight and flexible material. Models for the use of water are mostly made of PVC: The material is not only water-repellent and lightweight, but also easy to work with. Each air mattress consists of several cavities called air chambers. When inflating these chambers fill with air, the mattressgives buoyancy in the water. Thus the air mattress becomes buoyant due to the principle of water displacement. A quality feature of air mattresses is the number of chambers. The more chambers there are, the more stable the mattress is and the longer it will hold the air if damaged.

To keep the air from escaping, air mattresses are equipped with special valves. These are usually cone-shaped and become permeable when the air is pressed against the valve from the outside. As soon as the pressure decreases, the valve closes to prevent the air from escaping. To empty the air mattress, the valve is simply compressed laterally between two fingers: this opens and the air can escape from the mattress.

A bulging air mattress is of course very sensitive to hard edges and sharp objects. If the mattress is easily damaged, it may repair again. For such cases, there are special repair kits in the trade, with which small holes can be mended easily. Foresighted vacationers pack such a repairbe when they go on the beach vacation.

Floating air mattresses and safety

Especially children love to splash with air mattresses and swimming animals in the cool water and romp. It is easy to forget that these are only buoyancy aids. Non-swimmers, an air mattress can pretend a deceptive security. On the one hand, there is a risk of slipping off the smooth surface and landing in deep water. On the other hand, no mattress is completely safe from a sudden loss of air. For this reason, non-swimmers should not rely solely on an air-filled mattress. Take care of children arm floatsor a life jacket for extra security.

Someone who dozes in the sun on an air mattress sometimes does not pay attention to wind and current. It can therefore happen that the mattress is driven far away from the shore. Another often underrated riskis the direct sunlight: Some mattresses even have a silver surface, which reflects the rays of the sun as well as the water surface and makes it even more intense. A sunburn or sunstroke can be the result. Therefore you should not fall asleep on the mattress.

Various models of air mattresses

In addition to the classic mattress shape, special shapes have become established on the market, making splashing even more fun:

If you like to swing luxuriously over the waves, you will feel like one pool chairsor lounge floaters. These mattresses have a comfortable backrest and comfortable shelves for the arms. You want your cool drink in the poolto take? Then opt for a model with cup holder in the armrest – more comfort is hard to imagine!

Have fun splashing and raving promises a floating ring. This is even available as an original and colorful donut with a bite. However, he is not as comfortable as a mattress. An absolute eye-catcher is, of course, the inflatable unicorn: who deals with this extravagant floatGoing to the beach, which is sure to be noticed!

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