10 Best Folding Spade of 2019

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    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. This super-compact e-tool is suitable for camping, hiking, adventure, garden, and other outdoor activities. Can be used as an extraction shovel for SUV 4X4 off-road vehicles. The military-style entrenching shovel can be used either straight or at a 90° angle. It comes in a convenient carrying pouch with a loop, so the shovel can be attached to a belt or backpack. Weighs only 1.3 lb.
    • SERRATED EDGE DESIGN. The sharpened edge is for digging and the serrated saw edge cuts through roots, compost, mud, sand and snow. This tool can dig tires out of dirt if your car becomes stuck. Overall length when unfolded is 19" providing plenty leverage for tough digging.
    • LIGHT-WEIGHT AND PORTABLE: You can fold up the shovel twice into a small portable package. When completely collapsed, this shovel fits into a 6" by 8" green carrying bag. It fits in the glove box, so you can keep it in your car, backpack or toolbox; this tool will get you out of any tight situation!
    • DURABLE MATERIALS: both the hardened steel shovel and the pouch are made of durable military-grade materials which are here to stay!
    • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. Customer satisfaction and service quality are the basic criteria for TABOR TOOLS. Good service is a result of flexibility, reliability and trustworthiness. We will fix any problem quickly and answer to your need every time. We are always available to help our customers; our service record is unmatched!
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    • Lightweight and tough
    • Anodized shaft
    • No sheath included
    • Sheath part number is Gerber 22-00026
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    • BARELY BIGGER THAN YOUR HAND: That's the size of the Entrenching Tool when folded; this camp shovel, snow shovel, sand shovel or gardening shovel works as a small shovel for big jobs
    • 18.25 INCH FULL LENGTH, 24.5 OUNCES: Foldable military shovel and hunting shovel w/ a wood saw edge and a rotating spade shovel blade to use as a pick or hoe; versatile E tool w/ strong shovel handle
    • 3-WAY FOLDING DESIGN: Hand shovel collapses into a portable outdoor shovel, emergency shovel and hiking shovel; a compact E tool for your camping gear that's not as bulky as other shovels for digging
    • HIGH-CARBON STEEL CONSTRUCTION AND CARRY CASE: Super durable for a mini shovel; pack it into its small shovel case and carry it on your back pack or belt
    • SOG TACTICAL SHOVEL FOR LIFE: Take care of your folding shovel and we'll take care of you; SOG shovels for digging are built to last, and we consider all repair and replacement requests
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    • MATERIAL - Made of durable stainless steel. The shovel is very sharp and can be used for a variety of excavation and digging activities. The handle is sturdy and locks into place well.
    • SIZE - Folded size: 5.52 x 2.37 inches. Unfolded size: 9.45 x 2.37 inches.
    • FEATURES - Includes carrying case. Trowel folds and fits in case. Portable and lightweight. It doesn't take up much space in any bag.
    • MULTI-FUNCTION - It's Perfect for outdoor survival, gardening, backpacking, digging, drains, vegetables, fish. Also used for digging worms, growing flowers, children playing in sand, mud, etc.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Your satisfaction is our biggest concern. We have a 30-day free return or exchange policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help you.
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    • OCCASIONS:Ideal for camping,hiking,self-defense,backpacking,fishing,hunting,gardening outdoor activities.
    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL:Digging,sawing,cutting,hammering,shoveling.Can be used either straight or at a 90°angle as a shovel, hoe, pick or saw
    • PORTABLE:Folds,small size,foldable with a carrying pouch.Head size is 8.2"/21cm.Total length 22.8"/58cm.Package size is 19cmx26cm/7.5"x10.2".It weights 1.15kg/2.5lbs.Blade thickness 1.5mm,strong enough to endure the toughest conditions.You can keep it in your car,backpack or toolbox,this shovel will get you out of any tight situation!
    • PREMIUM MATERIAL:50# High-Carbon steel body and comfortable triangular handle are toughness.The cutting edge is sharp.
    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: REDCAMP offers a 365-day full manufacturer warranty. If any piece broken, contact us and we issue you a full refund or a replacement.
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    • ⚒ ALL-IN-ONE SURVIVAL TOOL - Heavy Duty Shovel, Sharp Axe Blade, Serrated Saw Edge, Hammer, Paracord...Check! We've got all the must-haves for surviving in the outdoors covered. Conveniently dig trenches with this versatile multifunctional tool with a hidden rescue knife and saw, emergency whistle, fire starter (magnesium rod), bottle opener, and more!
    • ⛺ COMPACT, PORTABLE MULTITOOL - Lightweight (only 1.2lbs), and amazingly compact, this is an essential gadget to add to your outdoor first aid survival kit/ gear. Easily fit this foldable entrenching tool in your backpack, or the trunk of your vehicle. Dig your car tires out of snow, mud, or ice, or use the shovel head as a glass breaker in an emergency. Attach the included carrying case to your belt for convenient access while on the trail or hunt.
    • 🔥 VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE - Forged from heat-treated High Quality SOLID Carbon Steel (Blade and Knife) and Aerospace Grade Aluminum (Knife), for maximum strength and lifetime durability. Rust, water, and fracture resistant. Go ahead- PUT IT TO THE TEST!
    • 🔒 UNIQUE LOCK ADJUSTMENT- Unlike other shovels, you can adjust the shovel angle with it's special screw locking device, making it simple to alternate functions and positions. Spade can be used 40°, 90° or 180° angle as hook, hoe or shovel.
    • ✔️ ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Thoughtfully engineered handle optimizes comfort and control for all glove types to minimize hand fatigue. Slip proof foam cushion on the aluminum handle is water resistant, quick to dry, and perfect for recreational gardening or on your backcountry hike or cross country trips. Always be prepared with this tactical folding tool!
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  • Features
    • Steel Blade with Aluminum Handle
    • Genuine US Military Issue
    • Black Powder-Coat Finish
    • Tri-Fold Design Collapses for Easy Carry/Storage
    • Sharpened Axe Edge, Serrated Saw Edge, comes with ODG Vinyl Cover
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    • 【16 with function】 4.5cm magnesium rod,easy to make fire and snow excavators, scoops, saws, axes, picks, mulberry, bottle opener, rescue whistle, magnesia rod, fire ice cream, fish knife, hammer, nail pullover , Ruler, wrench, hammer and so on.
    • 【Feature】 Dohiker military folding snow shovel is high alloy steel material. Surface oxidation rust prevention; shovel board 0.18 cm / 0.07 inch, sufficient strength to withstand harsh conditions. Deep cereal non slip handle, make sure the user is comfortable and safe.
    • 【Size Adjustable】Multi-function military survival shovel are 3 types of assembly methods, size can be adjusted 63/47/34 cm; Compact · Rod can be adjusted angle of 45/90/180 °, Portability is convenient for design based on ergonomics , Foldable, removable, with storage bag, easy to install.
    • 【Widespread application】Dohiker military folding snow shovel an emergency tool for survival kit suitable for typhoons / heavy rain countermeasures, outdoor activities, winter snow plows, camping, gardening, mountaineering, exercise, gardening etc.
    • 【Better service】 - Superior products are top class worth after service. Customer satisfaction is what Dohiker is always pursuing. We will offer you 2 month money back grant and 1 year warranty. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    • 🚩MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Cutting, sawing, digging, hammering, chiseling, chopping, shoveling, bottle opening, self-defense, broken window, planing, making fire, scraping fish scales etc.
    • 🚩STURDY & DURABLE. The camping shovel with stainless steel thick shovel head, aluminum handle and reinforced riveting double load bearing. It's resistant to wear and corrosion.Safe and strong.
    • 🚩ADDITIONAL FEATURES:The high quality attack hammer at the bottom of the shovel can break the window easily. In an emergency, protecting your own safety.
    • 🚩PORTABIL & COMPACT:The shovel can be folded and stored. The shovel head has a separate bag to avoid stabbing yourself and the surrounding things during carrying.
    • 🚩0% RISK TO PURCHASE: Full refund for return in 3 months if you are not satisfied with the shovel. We offer lifetime technical support if you have any questions. Just enjoy it and tell us your experience.
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    • Military Portable Folding Shovel (17 inch Length) - It is designed and produced according to self-driving experiences of many experienced outdoor sports lovers and any kind of outdoor enthusiasts: Off-roading, 4-Wheeling, SUVing, Backpacking, Expeditionists, Tent Camping, Pop-up Camping, RV Camping, Cadets, Scouts, Military Personnel, Hikers, Hunters, Fisherman, Gardeners, Gold Digger, Motorcyclists. This folding shovel is assembled practicability, functionality and security in it.
    • Versatile - Features a regular shovel doesn't even have, all in this convenient folding shovel: Shovel Board, Saw, Bottle Opener, Nail Extractor, Hoe, Emergency Whistle, Compass.
    • Multifunctional - Ideal for camping, hiking, backpacking, self-defense, backpacking, fishing, hunting, gardening outdoor activities. Also great for anyone to use, gardeners, survivalists, hunters, hikers, campers. This Folding Shovel is also an ideal entrenchment tool for Field Survivalists, Disaster Recovery Staff, Truck driver.
    • Sturdy & Durable - The shovel blade and handle are made of high-carbon steel which is high-strength and wear-resistant. The grip on the handle is made of rubber. This military shovel has passed the durability tests and our destruction tests.
    • Portable & Compact - This shovel folds up and fits in a convenient carrying pouch with a belt loop to carry at your side. It's easy for you to hang it on your belt to carry after shovel folds up to small part. Backed with a Lifetime Warranty! Simply contact us through Amazon if you have any issues or concerns with our product at any time and we will provide you a free replacement or refund your money without any issues in 24 hours!
  • ⚒ ALL-IN-ONE SURVIVAL TOOL - Heavy Duty Shovel, Sharp Axe...
  • ⛺ COMPACT, PORTABLE MULTITOOL - Lightweight (only 1.2lbs),...
  • Lightweight and tough
  • Anodized shaft
  • No sheath included
  • OCCASIONS:Ideal for...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL:Digging,sawing,cutting,hammering,shoveling.C...
  • PORTABLE:Folds,small size,foldable with a carrying...
  • MATERIAL - Made of durable stainless steel. The shovel is...
  • SIZE - Folded size: 5.52 x 2.37 inches. Unfolded size: 9.45...
  • FEATURES - Includes carrying case. Trowel folds and fits in...
  • OCCASIONS:Ideal for...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL:Digging,sawing,cutting,hammering,shoveling.C...
  • PORTABLE:Folds,small size,foldable with a carrying...
  • ⚒ ALL-IN-ONE SURVIVAL TOOL - Heavy Duty Shovel, Sharp Axe...
  • ⛺ COMPACT, PORTABLE MULTITOOL - Lightweight (only 1.2lbs),...
  • Steel Blade with Aluminum Handle
  • Genuine US Military Issue
  • Black Powder-Coat Finish
  • 【16 with function】 4.5cm magnesium rod,easy to make fire...
  • 【Feature】 Dohiker military folding snow shovel is high...
  • 【Size Adjustable】Multi-function military survival shovel...
  • 🚩MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Cutting, sawing, digging,...
  • 🚩STURDY & DURABLE. The camping shovel with stainless...
  • 🚩ADDITIONAL FEATURES:The high quality attack hammer...
  • Military Portable Folding Shovel (17 inch Length) - It is...
  • Versatile - Features a regular shovel doesn't even have, all...
  • Multifunctional - Ideal for camping, hiking, backpacking,...

Folding spade guide

On spadeis a special form of shovelwith a flat, mostly rectangular sheet. For this ToolFor the soil cultivation and the digging of holes, the short variant of the feldspar with a likewise fixed leaf as well as the Folding Spade , At the Folding Spade are originally the spade handle made of metal and the sheet connected by a hinge. Thanks to this mobile connection, the implement can be folded and therefore requires little space. Earlier one designated the Folding Spade also as Pioneer Schanzzeug. Folding Spade are also often provided with a tip. Historically speaking, the spade itself replaced the gravevine that was previously used to work the soil. In large-scale agriculture, the spade was later even replaced by the plow. In horticulture and other areas of the spade is still used today. With the construction of the folding blade, further fields of application resulted.

From the tomb to the modern spade

For manual tillage, the spade has remained one of our most important tools. The spade was developed from the gravestone at the latest after the sedentary condition of man. There were spade-like tillage equipment made of wood or stone more than 7,000 years ago, as finds of so-called wooden half-spade and stone spade leaves from the Neolithic show. In the Bronze and Iron Age quite specialized spade shapes were developed. Even today, there are many special forms of spade such as drainage spade, Rodespaten, peat cutter spade, tree spade, perforated spade or forked spade. In Roman antiquity we used iron spades, which were very similar to our spade today. Of the Folding Spade after all, it’s a pretty young invention. First copies were probably only in the late 19th or early 20th century.

Broad deployment in the military field

Field and folding spades found and still find use in the military. Already in the First World War, the soldiers of various armies used field spades for digging the trenches. In close combat and in the so-called Grabenkrieg, the spades were also used as melee weapons. In 1938, the folding spade was used by the German Wehrmacht. He was called „Little Schanzzeug“. The originally used feldspar had a length of 50 centimeters. The folding spades were folded as long as folded, but had a length of 70 centimeters and were thus easier to handle. The leaf could be fixed in different positions. So this device with a tip on the blade could also be used as a hoebe used. The German Army Folding Spade was finally copied by the Americans under the name „M1943“ and later developed further. The further developed version of 1951, called „intrenching tool, combination“, had another chopping tip. 1967 followed the again improved version called „lightweight intrenching tool“. This folding spade is still used by the Bundeswehr today.

Applications for modern folding spades

Many modern folding spades have two hinges. The second hinge is now on the handle of the folding blade, so that the device can be folded to one third of its working size. A folding spade is a very practical tool and finds many uses outside the military. When camping around or at various outdoor activities a folding spade is indispensable. With a folding spade in the trunk you are always well prepared, if there is no progress in the snow or mud. To get away from the military use of folding spades, these are now also called camping spades. In the folding spade comparison & comparison, the model of Inet-Trades scored the best. The olive-green folding spade was attested a high stability. In second place is Fobachi’s military folding spade, which has an additional hoe and as well Multifunction Toolis ideal for outdoor use. Both models include a carrying case.

Other, well-tested folding spade models

Other well-tested folding spade models include the Uvistar Mini Scoop Light Set and the CON: P Folding Spade with Belt Pouch. This is followed by the AOS Outdoor folding spade and the Relaxdays folding spade, shovel and hoe set. Also good marks received the model of Timetop, a multifunctional device with folding spade and hoe for garden and camping. The folding spades of the Xclou and Explorer brands achieved similarly good ratings.

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