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  • Sky Bounce
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  • Unpadded handball gloves
  • Premium leather construction and wrist strip
  • White/black trim
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Handball Guide

Handball is a sport that not only brings a lot of fun, but also trains the whole body. You can rev up your legs, arms, abdomen and many other parts of your body, by the way. Here you have to handball Do not even operate professionally, but also a simple game with friends brings great fun. The important thing is that you have a suitable one handball use. You can not do a simple one Socceror use a different type of ball because that can lead to injuries to the hands and arms. It’s best to buy a new ball every two years, so you can always enjoy the full game.

The right size of handball

When buying a handball, one important point is the size. Not all handballs are the same size, but there are about three sizes that you can claim. The size is adapted to the weight of the handball player and their experience. From the International handball Federation (IHF) defines the weight and size of the ball. The handball size 1 is also referred to as a children’s ball. The circumference of the ball is about 50 to 52 centimeters, the weight is about 290 to 330 grams. This ball is usually played in the lower teens from the age of 8 years. Of the handball The size 2 is called a women’s ball. Its circumference is 54 to 56 centimeters. With a weight of 325 to 375 grams, the ball is introduced in the male youth from 12 years and in the female youth from 14 years. Even adult women play with this ball in official games. The handball of size 3 is entirely reserved for men and therefore bears the name „men’s ball“. The circumference is about 58 to 60 centimeters, with the weight ranging between 425 and 475 grams. Thus, the men’s ball is the biggest and heaviest handball. It is used by male adolescents from the age of 16 and adult males.

The characteristics of a good handball

Not only the weight and the circumference are crucial in a perfect handball, but this must have even more advantages. A good handball must be absolutely round. Only this guarantees that a constant trajectory and a good ball feel are present. There are some models that have a slightly oval shape. With these it can happen that long passes or throws from the back space do not come exactly where they should go. Furthermore, you have to pay attention to a good jumping behavior. In this respect, the ball must not just lie flat on the ground, if it bumps against it. The excellent jumping behavior ensures a good flow of the game and a suitable ball control. It is best if you use a hand-sewn ball. These are usually much more robust and have a longer life. Due to the frequent bouncing on the ground or the decay of the resin, it can happen that the ball slowly dissolves into its individual parts. That’s why there should be quality workmanship so you do not have to buy it twice. Otherwise you have to pay attention to the grip of the ball. Not in all halls handballs are allowed, which work with the so-called handball resin. If you have a bad grip, you quickly lose the feel of the ball and the precision.

Help with handball purchase

There are more and more providers of handballs on the market, as the sport is growing in popularity. It is important that you do not lure yourself too fast from a favorable price. But if you can not find any major differences between the models, you should pay attention to the seal of the IHF. The International Handball Federation awards a seal of quality, so you do not have to test each ball individually. The IHF checks the handball extensively. In particular, size, roundness, weight and jumping behavior are being tested very precisely. Only if the ball passes these tests, it will award the seal of approval of the IHF. It should be noted that you do not always have to put a lot of money on the table for a good handball. Some models are surprisingly cheap and still score with positive characteristics. Just take some time to buy and quickly discover the right model for your needs and style of play.

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