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  • ladies pu faux leather black catsuit usa size S M L XL
  • super sexy stretch outfit , its a showstopper
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Leather suit guide

With the development of the motorcycle, the development of motorcycle clothing also progressed. From the beginning, leather was a material that turned out to be extremely ideal. Because leather is resistant to abrasion and yet very elastic and can be tailored into many comfortable cuts. Today motorcycle clothing is offered in particular in the form of leather suits, whereby the leather serves as upper material here. Of the leather suit stands in sharp competition with motorcycle clothing made from textile fibers. Both materials have in common that they have specific properties that are highly dependent on the quality of the material. An objective assessment of the individual qualities of leather requires a lot of experience. Motorcyclists here are more or less laymen, which makes them in the case of motorcycle clothing to a buyer who depends heavily on the advice in the specialty shop. Often the bikers therefore rely on the advice of „colleagues“ when it comes to a tip for the purchase of one leather suit goes. Here is a small purchase advice.

One-piece and two-piece combinations

As leather suit Both a one- as well as a two-part combination with top (jacket) and bottom (trousers) are designated. One- or two-piece leather suits have different advantages and disadvantages. First of all, a two-piece suit is certainly better in the summer than a one piece suit, as you would have to get out of the one piece piece completely if you want to take a break and enjoy a bit of fresh air. The long-sleeved jacket can not be avoided in summer. The reason for this is the safety aspect. Because the arms should of course be completely protected by the motorcycle clothing. Of course, a one-piece also has its advantages for certain activities – especially in the rain, whereby the two-parter are also so tightly matched that no moisture or moisture can penetrate between the upper and lower part. In a two-piece leather suit, it makes sense, if a connection zipper between pants and jacket is available.

It depends on the protectors

An important criterion that should be taken into account when buying leather suits are the protectors. Their quality is especially evident in a fall. In any case, the joint protectors according to EC standard 1621-1 and back protectors should be available after 1621-2. In the rules, this criterion is also tested by the manufacturers and published the test results. This concerns the damping behavior of the protectors and evaluates the residual force values. In the two-piece leather suits the back protectors often do not leave a very good impression. The reason for this is the separation between pants and jacket. The back protectors fall in the two-piece station wagon often shorter and protect the back in a fall usually only up to the middle of the spine. One-piece leather suits cut much better here. When buying should be taken to ensure that possibly in the waistband also an additional protectoris integrated and the pants definitely have a tailbone protection and a hip protector. Some models have only so-called comfort foam on the back instead of a proper protector. This is not a real one back protector, which offers little protection in a fall from the motorcycle and also is not standardized. When buying should also be paid attention to how the protectors in the leather suit are attached. Ideally, the protectors are sewn to the leather. For many models, they are only attached to the inner lining. This can result in the protectors not providing much protection in a fall as they can shift through the impact angle.

Cut and color

Under no circumstances should a combination of leather be too tight. Leather suits should provide plenty of air, especially because of the tightness of the leather material. It should when buying one leather suit be taken to ensure that the manufacturer has provided security seams. These should be present especially in the so-called fall zones. This means there is always a second seam in these areas. Most manufacturers of leather suits place great value here. Nevertheless, it is important that you pay attention to the purchase. One should take a look especially in the back area. Velcro closures should be present on the legs of a leather suit to securely enclose the leg. You should not buy station wagons with cheap elastics. These also carry the risk that the motorcyclist can incur severe burns in the event of a fall or contact with the exhaust. Also, the fit on the knee and elbow should be tailored to the local body mass of the driver. Because the leather suit is too far there, the protectors may slip in a fall. The cut of a leather suit should of course also offer a high wearing comfort. That means a short walk should be possible with the leather suit without it being stretched somewhere. In addition, the leather suits should also be easy to put on and take off. The cut of a combination leather for motorcycling should generally have a tight, yet wrinkle-free fit. If you have decided on leather suits, you should wear the motorcycle on which they are worn later. Because only then can you find out if the motorcycle clothing is really comfortable when you sit for a long time. When choosing the color of motorcycle clothing made of leather should be taken to ensure that it is clearly visible colors.


Anyone who chooses to buy leather motorcycle clothing chooses a product that has excellent abrasion and good protection against injury from falls, but is less suitable for rain. And even against cold, this kind of motorcycle clothing does not protect ideal. In the event of rain, additional rain protection is required or useful so that the motorcyclist does not arrive at the destination completely at the end of the day or at home. Of course there are special rain combos and also padded cold weather suits. A rain suit has to meet some criteria. So this should have welded seams and covered zippers. And the collar should be adjustable. Among the disadvantages of leather suits but also that the material has a very high weight.


Leather suits are usually made of smooth leather. This is to be considered when caring for leather motorcycle clothing. It is important that the functionality of a leather suit is still maintained after cleaning, that fly dirt and other minor contaminants are first cleaned with the help of a gentle method. That means the use of water on smooth leather is not a problem. In addition, you can also use a leather cleaner for heavy soiling. Tools such as brushes, etc. should not be used if possible. If a complete cleaning is necessary due to very heavy soiling, you should also be very careful here, but the leather suits can even in the Washing machinestuck. The cleaning should of course be strictly according to the manufacturer. Even if that does not sound believable at first glance, the leather remains guaranteed to remain soft even when washed in a washing machine.


Sporty bikers prefer classic leather clothing. Of course, they love it when the leather suit fits like a „second skin“. Leather is an excellent material, which offers a very high protection, especially when it comes to a fall. The material also has a hard to beat abrasion resistance. It is important that the motorcycle clothing made of leather has protective protectors.

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