10 Best shad of 2019

  • Lockable Top Case with (2) Keys
  • Holds (1) Full Face Helmet and Gloves
  • Quick Release using SHAD Press lock system
  • Lockable Top Case with (2) Keys
  • Holds (1) Full Face Helmet and Gloves
  • Quick Release using SHAD Press lock system
  • Wide swimming action
  • Shallow running
  • Suspending
  • These ultra-realistic swim shad baits feature super-soft...
  • Sporting strong soft bodies with internal lead heads and...
  • .625 Oz
  • Pre-rigged and ready to fish
  • Lifelike detail, 3D eyes, holographic inserts
  • Bag with Tray protects the Vibrating tail
  • Shad- Short Story About A War
  • SHAD, A Short Story About A War
  • Secret City Records
  • DOWN SOUTH SALTWATER LURES for inshore fishing.
  • JIG HEADS: Add your favorite ones from Matrix Shad to catch...
  • SOFT PLASTIC FISHING LURES for Bass, Snook, Trout, Redfish...
  • Wide swimming action
  • Shallow running
  • Suspending
  • The world's best running hardbait, hand-tuned and...
  • Balsa Wood Construction
  • Natural Baitfish Profile
  • Shad Helmstetter Ph.D
  • Publisher: Gallery Books
  • Edition no. 0 (06/20/2017)

Rubber fish guide

Soft lures are a popular bait among pike anglers. The baits are practical and extremely catchy. Available in a very wide range, the models differ mainly in size and color design. When fishing for pike you can resort to larger rubber fishes with a length of 15 centimeters – or more. Apart from fishing for other fish, such as perch or zander, it is advisable to use smaller rubber fish. The following is about what to go fishing with shad pay attention to pike and Co.

Artificial lures made of rubber

If the pike season begins, the project of fishing for pike can finally be implemented. Ideal for this is a shad , Because the pike is as a species of fish on the hunt for prey fish, comes one of the shad just right when fishing. If well managed, the pike will barely resist the bait. The angler must calculate during the season of the pike season so that it bites powerfully. It is therefore important to concentrate. Like the majority of artificial lures, when using rubber fish, it is important to make sure that the angler perceives the contact between pike and bait – even if the bite of the fish is a bit weaker and more timid. If you want to increase your chances of a successful fishing, you can rely on rubber fish with especially large tail fins. The pike can locate these particularly well by means of his lateral line organ.

Stalls of predatory fish

When using a rubber fish, it plays an essential, not to be underestimated role that the angler knows the locations of predatory fish such as the pike. Only then can he be successful. When using a bait such as the rubber fish, the knowledge of the locations of the fish is fundamental and indispensable. In addition, the anglers should always try to find places for fishing that are little known and overfished. This increases the chances of success. Basically, when fishing with shad especially those places in the water promising, which can score with rock and / or stone deposits. Here, fish like pikes find enough cover to go hunting for prey. A well-run shad attracts predators like pike from their reserve.

Turn signals and wobblers

Fish like pikes like to stand in or near herbaceous areas. A behavior that requires the angler especially when fishing, because there is always the danger of tangling. Fishing with turn signals or Warblermake no sense here. It is better to use a rubberfish in combination with a banana jig hook. In this way, the danger of hanging in herbaceous waters is reduced. If you pull when using such a bait on the fishing line, the fish made of rubber always rises diagonally upwards. The water can be scanned particularly well by means of a rubber fish in combination with a round-headed jig hook.

Assembly of the rubber fish

A rubber fish is good for fishing for predatory fish such as pike and Co., not least because of its vibrations and running characteristics. All features that promise a considerable success in fishing – at least, as long as they are not endangered by rough and / or improper installation of the rubberfish. To avoid in particular is a crooked winding or twisting of the Jighakens. Fear of missing bites helps to install additional triplets. These reduce the risk of miscarriage if the hook does not set well and firmly enough in the predatory fish’s mouth. The rubber fishing rod should not be too small. Particularly catchy are golden or glittering baits or rubber fish. It is best to look for fish in all depths of the water. In this way you do not miss a good fish on the hook anymore!

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