10 Best Snowboard backpacks of 2019

  • Diagonal & A-frame ski carry
  • Vertical snowboard carry
  • DK Impact Spine Protector compatible (sold separately)
  • High flow bite-valve: easy one-handed shutoff button won't...
  • Taste-free hydration bladder: made from medical grade PE.
  • Multiple storage options: Vibrelli hydration backpack has...
  • From snow to dirt, the Dakine® Heli Pack Backpack 12L keeps...
  • Low-profile backpack in a durable polyester.
  • Compact technical snow pack with a diagonal ski and vertical...
  • Pockets: 2 slip, 1 zip, 4 exterior
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Fits most 15 inch laptops
  • Vertical board carry straps
  • Vertical snowboard carry
  • Diagonal ski carry
  • DK Impact Spine Protector compatible (sold separately)
  • Pockets: 1 slip, 2 zip, 4 exterior
  • Diagonal ski carry
  • Tuck-away vertical snowboard carry
  • DK Impact Spine Protector compatible (sold separately)
  • Pockets: 1 slip, 1 zip, 3 exterior
  • Diagonal & A-frame ski carry
  • Vertical snowboard carry
  • DK Impact Spine Protector compatible (sold separately)

Snowboard Backpacks Guide

A snowboard backpack is one of the most important pieces of equipment en route on the snowboard. First, a smaller, more manageable backpackespecially important when driving off-piste. Because it is convenient for stowing gloves, money, provisions and a small bottle of your favorite drink. The backpack should not be too large, otherwise it could interfere with driving. He should provide enough space for one more shoveland a probe can be found in it. But these are not the only requirements that make a good snowboard backpack. The following article describes what the backpack can still be used for.

Snowboarding with backpack

Many snowboarders know the problem: After the departure, it should go as quickly as possible to the lift again. Because the next departure, as long as the joints are still warm, should not be long in coming. However, towing the board can be very difficult even on short distances. A snowboard fixation on the backpack saves the tiresome carrying of the snowboard on longer climbs. This can also be used for short ascents from the lift away, if the ascent was steep and otherwise associated with too much effort. Some backpack models also offer access to the main compartment, which is located directly on the back. Thus, the snowboard backpack can be put down on stomach if necessary. This saves snowboarders the dirt on clothing when putting on the backpack. When buying, however, should also be taken to ensure that the back cushions are well completed, so that no snow can accumulate in the material. Thus, the back of the snowboarder remains dry.

Checklist for buying a snowboard backpack

The holder of a good snowboard backpack is ideally made of tear-resistant material and is firmly connected to the backpack. The snowboard rucksack can therefore be a good carrying bag throughout the day in addition to its practical properties mentioned at the beginning. When buying, it should be ensured that the backpack keeps the snowboard in a slight angle, with it tilted slightly forward. Because that can help to keep your balance. If the board is too far back, it could actually be dangerous. In passages that are slightly exposed, the backpack could pull its wearer backwards or otherwise unbalance it. Then there is acute danger of falling.

Overview of further purchase criteria:

– Do not choose a backpack too small
– pay attention to stability
– high quality workmanship (price maybe a bit higher – the backpack is durable for that)
– Take care of maintenance – if necessary also order care products immediately
– note weight (do not choose your backpack too heavy)

buy recommendation

The snowboard backpack Tashev Snow 33 made of Cordura with Teflon is recommended. He has a good price-performance ratio. It is the ideal piece of luggage for a day with the snowboard in the snow. Because the backpack is lightweight, robust and made of an abrasion and tear-resistant material. Therefore, with this backpack offers the opportunity to carry the snowboard safely on his back, without this could be disturbing. The board can work with two beltas well as buckles are attached top and bottom. The backpack not only provides mountings for the snowboard or skis and a helmet, but there are also some loops that are ideal for attaching carabiners. Another plus point is its high wearing comfort. It adapts to the body, while it has an anatomically shaped and padded back. The pack load can be perfectly adjusted via the hip and chest straps.

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