10 Best Snowboard binding of 2019

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: These Bindings fit any sized foot, from a...
  • REALISTIC SNOWBOARD BINDINGS: Quick entry buckle and ladder...
  • SNOWBOARD COMPATIBLE: These bindings use the same 4 hole...
  • Medium fits 7-9, Large Fits 9-11, XL fits 11-14
  • Flows Patented Rear Entry Design
  • Upgraded new LSR ratchets for easier size and fit adjustment
  • Liquid
  • Sports
  • HIGHBACK: 3D Contour Light Highback w Heel Grip
  • STRAPS: Dual Density Straps w Spinal Cord
  • BUCKLES: AsymLight Buckle
  • Baseplate: Anatomical baseplate with 2 x 2 screw inserts
  • Die-cut EVA toe and heel ramp pads
  • Straps: Adjustable toe and ankle straps
  • Snowboards binding screws
  • Fits most of bindings
  • Nice binding screws replacement
  • Response - 3
  • Mount Type - Disc
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • Liquid
  • Sports
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: These Bindings fit any sized foot, from a...
  • REALISTIC SNOWBOARD BINDINGS: Quick entry buckle and ladder...
  • SNOWBOARD COMPATIBLE: These bindings use the same 4 hole...
  • Highback: A polycarbonate highback gives the rider extra...
  • Chassis (base): A polycarbonate construction allows the base...
  • Straps: 3D Profile makes for a conforming feel without...

Snowboard binding guide

Snowboarding is very popular with younger winter athletes. With a fast board, it goes downhill, which provides the ultimate kick. It is of course important to be able to rely on his material. A big role plays the Snowboard binding , which connects the snowboard boots with the board and makes the control of the sports equipment in the first place possible. Here are some useful tips to help you make your choice so that first-class quality creates a unique board feel.

What is the Snowboard binding I agree?

Snowboarding has become a popular winter sport in recent decades. But the fast-paced sport needs a lot of practice and of course the optimal equipment. This includes the Snowboard binding which should be chosen wisely. Rubber loops were still used in the 1980s, but professional ties have developed over time. These not only provide a greater driving experience, but are also designed as a safety bond to minimize the risk of injury when snowboarding.

Advantages of Snowboard binding

The bindings are one of the heart of the snowboard setup. They keep the snowboarder on the board and create a connection, as it is needed on the mountain. A high quality model is variably screwed on the board and can be adjusted individually for both feet. This applies to the distances, the direction of travel and the foot type. Here, for example, the foot angle can be adjusted or the distances of the bonds are reduced or increased. This allows comfortable use of the board.

Various snowboard bindings

* Soft binding
* Plate binding
* Cinch binding
* Step-in binding
* Flow binding, which is adjustable in tension, as in the following model:

Snowboard binding Flow Flite ExoFit 2015

The all-mountain bindings are equipped with all the basic flow technologies and thus the ultimate companion on the mountain. The Rocker Base of the Flite leaves the board enough space to take advantage of the flex. Thanks to the full EVA inserts in the toe and heel, the Flite is also sufficiently dampened without sacrificing stability. The highback is comfortable to spend long days on the mountain. The one-piece PowerStrap provides a good grip and transmits the power precisely. The ratchets make setting the boards very easy.

Important information about the different bindings

Bear in mind: It does not fit every binding on the snowboards. The harder a bond, the better the transfer of force to the edge, so that a better carving is possible. For a softer one Snowboard binding The range of motion is greater, for example, to feel more in tricks. It’s also easier to control, so it’s great for beginners. Flow brand snowboard bindings are soft binding variants that allow snowboarders to get in and out quickly. The step-in binding has a mechanism that makes it possible to lock the binding while standing. The firmness as well as the hold are ensured here over the shoe. This is a lot harder compared to the soft boots. The plate bindings are rather exotic and barely visible.

Conclusion – Optimal adjustment of the snowboard binding

The attitude depends on which level the snowboarder is and what he wants to drive. The degree numbers are visible on the mounting plate. Beginners should set the front snowboard binding to +15 degrees and the back to 0 degrees. This is a good grade setting for getting started. Anyone looking for tricks is well advised for the front binding with +15 degrees and the rear binding with -15 degrees. switchDriving and tricks is a lot easier. Of course, the degrees are very variable, so you can try around to find the perfect degree.

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