10 Best squash racket of 2019

  • Weight 110 g / Beam 20 mm
  • Head size 500 cm
  • String pattern 12/17
  • Beam: 20 mm
  • Head size: 500 cm²
  • Weight: 145 g
  • Dunlop Blaze Tour 3.0 Squash Racquet ($39.95 Value)
  • Python Intro 2000 Eyeguards ($7.99 Value)
  • Dunlop Competition (Single Yellow Dot) Ball ($3.60 Value)
  • FRAME WEIGHT: 170 grams
  • HEADSIZE: 500 cm2
  • CONSTRUCTION: Premium Graphite Alloy
  • BEST IN ITS CLASS. Expertly crafted out of pure graphite,...
  • ALL SKILL LEVELS. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or...
  • GENERATES MORE POWER. The tear drop shape features longer...
  • Head i.110 - Squash Racket
  • 110g
  • Dunlop Blaze Pro Squash Racquet (Frame Weight 175 grams....
  • Vision Protective Eyewear
  • Dunlop Pro Double Yellow Dot Ball
  • Weight 110 g / Beam 20 mm
  • Head size 500 cm
  • String pattern 12/17
  • HEAD PERFORMANCE: Born out of revolutionizing how we ski and...
  • POWERFUL STARTER: This head light starter's racquet offers...
  • HEAD LIGHT ADVANTAGE: The lighter racquet head makes it...
  • Dunlop Blaze Tour 3.0 Squash Racquet ($39.95 Value)
  • Python Intro 2000 Eyeguards ($7.99 Value)
  • Dunlop Competition (Single Yellow Dot) Ball ($3.60 Value)

Squash racket guide

If you are into squash, you need the right equipment. Apart from a sweat-absorbent and comfortable sportswear, the selection of the suitable squash racket also has great significance.

Criteria to consider when choosing a squash racket

When selecting the new racket, the material, grip thickness, stringing, balance, vibration damping and weight of the product must be considered. While cheap squash racket Mostly made of aluminum, there are high quality products made of hypercarbonic, titanium or carbon.

The weight of the offered squash racket varies between 130 grams and 250 grams. To find out which weight is optimal, several models should be tested in practice before purchasing. As a rule of thumb, however, that one squash racket should not be heavier than 180 grams. If the weight is higher, the muscles of the player become tired faster.

The balance of the bat is crucial, as well as the squash racket maneuver. Balanced rackets, top-heavy and grip-heavy models are offered. Top-heavy models are perfect for dynamic attacks. Handle-heavy models, on the other hand, are faster and easier to handle. balanced squash racket are a combination of grip-heavy and top-heavy models. For squash beginners, a balanced racket is optimal.

When stringing the sports equipment you should not only pay attention to the type of string. The hardness of the clothing is also an important selection criterion. The harder the stringing on a squash racket fails, the more difficult the ball can be brought under control on impact. An advantage of a hard stringing is that it allows harder punches and a high speed of play. When selecting the string, the personal knowledge and the player type must be considered equally.

The grip strength must also not be disregarded when selecting a squash racket. A lower-grip model allows the player to swing the swing out of his wrist with more swing. A racket that is equipped with a stronger grip, however, lies better in the hand. Furthermore, care must be taken to ensure a comfortable grip. If you are unsure, you should choose a squash racket with a small grip size. If necessary, the handle can be subsequently reinforced with a grip band.

A suitable squash racket must also be equipped with a good vibration damping. It allows more control and precision on harder punches. For this reason, both beginners, advanced and professionals should pay great attention to the fact that the desired model has a good vibration damping. For example, the model Unsquashable Squash Racket DSP 600 is recommended.

Different head shapes for squash rackets

Squash rackets are made with three head shapes. These three styles are the extended heart, classic heart, and teardrop shapes. Each of these variants is based on a different basic structure, from which different racquet characteristics are derived.

The head shape „stretched heart“ is characterized by a slightly elongated club head. This gives the player more power and better control. Inaccurate strokes are compensated by this head shape and the sweet spot is increased.

In the classic heart version, the club is equipped with a verküzten head. This gives the player better control and a better ball feeling. In this variant, moreover, the force is divided, so that the transmitted vibrations are damped.

The head shape Teardrop is the classic head shape. It can be recognized right away by the extended longitudinal tyazis in the middle part of the racket. A classic model for this head shape is the product VICTOR squash racket MP 140. This racket is available either individually or in a set and is ideal for beginners and casual players. The teardrop shape has the advantage that more power is generated by the extended rebound on impact.

Personal experiences

Who already had a squash racket, can incorporate his personal experience in the purchase decision. It should be considered whether the new racket should have the same shape, whether a different shape is desired and whether more power or more control are preferred.

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