10 Best Crosspoint screwdriver of 2019

  • Price For: Each Item: Screwdriver Set Tether Capable:...
  • Country of Origin (subject to change): United States
  • Precision Scredriver Set | TD-56S Vessel JIS | 6 Piece Kit
  • Made in Japan
  • Uniquely designed screwdriver and impact driver in one
  • Fits #2 Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) and US Phillips...
  • Proprietary cam mechanism rotates the shaft 12 degrees with...
  • Uniquely designed screwdriver and impact driver in one
  • Fits #2 Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) and US Phillips...
  • Proprietary cam mechanism rotates the shaft 12 degrees with...
  • High quality Motion Pro standard bit driver T-handle
  • Features three 1/4in. drive heads, one at end of shaft and...
  • Includes high grade S2 tool steel JIS cross-head bits no. 1,...
  • Includes sizes: +00x75/+0x100/-1.8x50
  • Fully hardened chrome vanadium steel
  • Handle is fitted with revolving cap for fast turning
  • Ratchet Offset Screwdriver
  • This product is highly durable
  • This product is manufactured in China.
  • JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Drivers
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  • Package size / length: 153 mm, width: 93 mm, height: 41 mm
  • Set contents / ball grip bit. Replacement grip x 1,...
  • Grip size: length 100 mm x diameter 41 mm.
  • Motion Pro is dedicated to producing the most versatile,...
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  • One of their goals is to offer tools of convenience.

Pozidriv screwdriver guide

Every craftsman knows the problem. Phillips head screws and Phillips screwdrivers of different types are confusingly similar. Not everyone screwdriveris suitable for loosening or tightening any Phillips screw. Only when you look closer, you can see the subtle but important differences. Because there are two still common types of Phillips screws – PH and Pozidriv, abbreviated PZ – and the matching screwdriver. The terms Phillips and Pozidriv do not refer to the type of screw, but to the receptacle for the screwdriver. Both types are from the same manufacturer, the Phillips Screw Company of Burlington, Massachusetts.

What is the difference between Phillips and Pozidriv?

If you look at the head of the screw from above, you will initially see a large cross-shaped recess for the screwdriver. Hence the name Phillips screw. If you take a closer look, you will see a smaller, pointed cross in a Pozidriv screw that is turned 45 degrees to the big cross. The second major difference can be seen by looking at the associated screwdrivers from the side. The flanks of a Phillips screwdriver taper towards the tip. The flanks at one Crosspoint screwdriver however, run parallel to the tip and between the large flanks are still small, tapered flanks that fit into the small cross in the screw head.

A high-quality 6-piece Phillips / Pozidriv screwdriver set with ergonomic handles offers Wiha at an attractive price. The screwdriver set contains one screwdriver of size PH1, PH2 and PH 3 as well as PZ1, PZ2 and PZ3. This covers the most important and common sizes in the home improvement industry.

Which Pozidriv screwdrivers are needed, which sizes are available?

Pozidriv screwdrivers are available in 7 sizes. The quantities are designated (in ascending order) PZ 000, PZ 00, PZ 0, PZ 1, PZ 2, PZ 3 and PZ 4. It is optimal, of course, if you have all sizes available. For most tasks, however, the size range from PZ1 to PZ3. PZ4 is for very large screws and is hardly needed in the household. The sizes PZ000 to PZ0 are small screwdrivers for correspondingly small screws in the fine mechanical area, in electronic devices or in model making.

Practical for traveling and light work at home is the Wiha magazine bit holder Stubb. The magazine with a total of 6 bitsin sizes PH1 to 3 and PZ1 to 3 is under control. The bits are magnetic. The holder is ergonomically shaped and has a roll-off protection.

Can Pozidriv screwdrivers also be used for other screws?

Pozidriv screwdrivers should only be used for Pozidriv screws. They look very similar to the Phillips screwdriver but do not fit in Phillips screws because of the second cross. It is important that the screwdriver suitable for the screw is always used. A smaller size like PZ2 fits in a PZ3 screw, but sits too loose. The risk that the screw head is damaged and completely unusable, is therefore very large.

When buying Pozidriv screwdrivers, you should make sure that the materials used are high quality. For the larger sizes, an additional hexagon on the blade is an advantage, if necessary, the release of stuck screws with a mouth or key ringto be able to facilitate. If the screwdrivers are to be used frequently, ergonomically shaped and non-slip handles are advantageous. Cheaper than buying single screwdrivers is usually the purchase of screwdriver sets that contain the most common sizes.

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