10 Best Activity of 2019

  • Ages 4m+. Three stages of use: Sit, swivel, bounce & play;...
  • Converts to a play table with plastic chalkboard surface
  • Discovery Window lets baby see piano and their feet while...
  • Designed to captivate your child's curiosity with exciting...
  • Solid wood activity center offers hours and hours of...
  • Colorful tree theme and sturdy construction makes this great...
  • Disney-Hyperion
  • Mo Willems
  • Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
  • Ages 0+
  • Developmental activities include: musical sheep, light-up...
  • Oversize mat offers cushiony comfort and multiple textures...
  • Paramount (05/01/2012)
  • Prime Video, R (Restricted)
  • Running time: 85 minutes
  • For Ages : 0 - 36 M
  • Set the stage for music and discovery!
  • 4 modes: Laying, Sitting, Tummy Time & Take-Along
  • Lightweight folding frame comes fully assembled, unfolds in...
  • Jumping support seat can be easily removed and machine...
  • Toys include spinner ball, rattle, teether and mirror book.
  • Ages 4m+. Three stages of use: Sit, swivel, bounce & play;...
  • Converts to a play table with plastic chalkboard surface
  • Discovery Window lets baby see piano and their feet while...
  • Tamara L Adams
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Paperback: 119 pages
  • More movement, more giggles, more happy moments
  • Award winning sitting to standing walker
  • Baby walker rotates around activity center

Activity Guide

Generally is Activity a board game where several teams compete against each other. On the field you get ahead, if you guessed certain concepts. Apart from the field you are standing on, the term must then be explained in words within sixty seconds. With the help of an hourglass the time is measured. Apart from explanations with words, some terms must also be painted or pantomimed. In the acting parts corresponds Activity the traditional one Party gameCharade. Two couples were Austrian teams of authors and from them comes the game. Their names were Josef Ernst and Maria Führer as well as Paul and Ulrike Catty. In Styria, the two couples had met for a game and here the game was invented, which is easily playable and quickly explained. At Piatnik came the game Activity then out in 1990. The English version was released in 1995 by Discovery Toys as the Word Trio. In the meantime, over 5 million games have been sold. There is Piatnik Activity in different variants and so there are Lifestyle, Extreme, Gold Edition, Travel, Club Edition, Turbo, Compact, Everything is possible and original. Some earlier variants are no longer made and these are Professsional, Password, Family Classic, Conecction and Action.

What is with Activity to pay attention?

Of course, child-friendly variants can be bought at Activity and these are Junior Turbo and Junior for children from the age of eight. For children from seven years, the variant Ferdinand is suitable. My first of Activity can already be played in the kindergarten and for children over the age of four, the terms are suitable. The terms are depicted on maps. In the game there is the variable game board, so that the game length can be adjusted. An intricate path is displayed on the board and teams start on the starting field. You must reach the target field, which is opposite. On the game board the teams are represented by playing pieces. The teams must then choose a card in a clockwise direction. There is then the choice of whether you want to continue three, four or even five fields, if one has guessed the term. If you have chosen a card, you have to check which type of field you are on. There are two types of fields each of painting, pantomime and explaining. If it was not your turn in the round, you can choose the explanatory path. If a term has been marked in red, then all teams can guess, and of course, only the team that guessed the term first comes along. It is always the turn of the next team when a word is guessed or when time has passed. Activity focuses on fun, team spirit, imagination and creativity. Who owns these characteristics, is after the manufacturer Piatnik also a good games for the board game. Activity is generally well received and has been one of the most popular board games ever since. With fun factor terms can be guessed and there are different terms of the difficulty level three to five to guess. The playing field always specifies how the terms should be explained by the players. The drawn terms can be easily explained and described with all the words. The term itself, however, must not occur in the explanation. One possibility is that the term is brought closer to the players by drawing. It may not be written here letters and it must not be spoken here. Lastly, the term can also be portrayed in pantomime and speaking is prohibited here. Compliance with the rules is monitored by the players.

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