10 Best watering Can of 2019

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  • Novelty
  • Holds 144 oz. = 1.125 Gallons
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use handle
  • Long stem spout controls water flow
  • The watering can is both functional and decorative.
  • Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to...
  • A surprising and playful decoration that will be a unique...
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Watering can guide

Anyone who regularly pours his flowers and plants should definitely have a suitable one watering Can purchase. With it you can dose the water better than with one garden hose, For the interior and the balcony a small flower pot is practical. We introduce you to different models. Here are our decision-making aids for the watering can purchase.

Watering cans for the garden

If you are one watering Can for the garden, you should first think about the required volume. The classic gardener watering cans are available from a capacity of five liters. Large models can also be filled with ten to fifteen liters of water. If you have a large area to pour, a large pot can be optimal. But keep in mind that a completely filled watering Can has a high weight. Sometimes it makes more sense to choose a smaller jug ​​that is easier to carry. Especially when children help with garden irrigation, a handy pot is preferable to the huge 15-liter model.

Pay attention to a sufficiently large opening when purchasing, so that the watering Can easy to fill. The spout should be higher in a horizontal can position than the maximum level. This prevents spillage of water during transport. Pay attention to the material: metal cans look more decorative than the standard PVC models. But they are often heavier and, depending on the material and coating less durable than the unattractive plastic cans.

Watering cans for the windowsill

If you want to supply flowers on the windowsill or balcony, you need a small flower pot. These jugs are available in many variations. The capacity is usually no more than one to two liters. In addition to cheap plastic versions, there are also models made of high-quality stainless steel, decorative zinc or simple sheet metal. Watering cans for indoor use are often not only functional, but also serve decorative purposes. In addition to nostalgic metal cans, there are also state-of-the-art designs made of stainless steel or colorful plastic. It is allowed, what pleases – but make sure when choosing that, despite all the beauty, functionality does not fall by the wayside.

The same applies to indoor watering cans: If the outlet of the spout is a good deal higher than the maximum filling height, accidental spillage of water is less likely. Such a can execution protects both carpetas well as laminate. In most cases, the spout of the watering can is longer and narrower than in gardener watering cans. This way you can easily reach the pot even in bushy room and balcony plants so that the water really lands where you want it.

Tips and tricks around the watering Can

If you want to water delicate plants, use a shower attachment. It spreads the water more slowly and prevents the plant from being damaged during casting. Such a shower can be useful both indoors and outdoors. If you want to evenly sprinkle a larger area, turn the shower attachment upwards. If you swing the watering can now swinging back and forth, you irrigate a large area with relatively fine drops of water.

Especially in the summer, you should always pour in the evening hours. Water droplets break sunlight and can cause wet leaves to burn when exposed to sunlight. It is better to give the water directly to the roots or only to water when the sun has disappeared.

Especially outdoor watering cans should be cleaned from time to time. Reason are algal deposits that form in the can interior. Use a commercially available algae remover, a little warm water and a long-handled one for cleaning mopwith hard bristles. Never leave the jug filled: it will otherwise provide mosquitoes with an ideal place for oviposition.

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